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Designed for Small Businesses, this package will provide you with 6-weeks of online training and resources for you to start generating more leads from Facebook quickly.

Social advertising relies upon content marketing to generate and collect authority.

Relevancy is the intersection of Content and Targeting, whether Google Quality Score or on Facebook.

The chaining of messaging is call Sequencing, also known as Marketing Automation in the email space and People-Based Marketing by Facebook.

BlitzMetrics' social strategy is the unique intersection of Goals, Content, and Targeting [#GCT]. They are channel and tool independent.

Conversely, social media tactics change constantly, can be delegated, and are repeatable. They are channel and tool dependent, driven by checklists.

The three components of successful social selling are People, Process, and Platform [#PPP] (technology). Not interchangeable.

What happens next?

Based on your initial Strategy Assessment we will find out what your Goals, Content, and Targeting preferences are. Having your Strategy Assessment will help us understand what types of content you should be making and who you should be targeting. We'll be able to find Evergreen Content, amplify your top posts and make more winners.

Our Implementation Process

Please note that we will only work directly with the owner and this implementation does not include consultation. Instead we will assist with the implementation of the key 30 items that every business online should get started with.


You give us access to your Facebook page and ads account. After you qualify we’ll assign you an analyst to create and iterate on your campaigns.


After we have access to your accounts, we schedule a strategy call to talk about your story, mission, and goals.


You continue to publish regular content to nurture your audience as we begin to amplify your existing marketing efforts, content, email lists, and web traffic.


We implement the targeting and amplification strategy with data from your site and social audiences.

Ad Creation

Based on your goals, content, and targeting, we build out your campaigns across the key networks.


We continue to expand and improve on your ads as we go through optimization cycles to make sure your ads are performing well.

Let's do it!


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