Exposing Grant Lira: Empathy Firm

A herbal company reached out to me after nearly losing $3,000 to Grant Lira.

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They were on the brink of finalizing a deal with Grant Lira when their lawyer uncovered an article exposing the alleged activities of the Empathy Firm run by Gavin Lira.
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Afterwards, Lira grows desperate and attempts to convince them that he is not involved in any scam. He shares an old video from the past. Despite our warnings and the numerous opportunities provided, I made it clear that people would eventually unveil their fraudulent activities.

Now showing fake evidence
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He says, “After two joint ventures with him, we had to sever ties due to ethical reasons.” Notice the recurring theme of “ethical reasons” and the constant plea of “Please give me a call today.” But, let’s be honest, when you can’t deliver results and you’re out there scamming people, this kind of fallout is bound to happen sooner or later.

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However, when they don’t reply, he resorts to sending them links to articles. He then asserts that I am the only one raising concerns. I can assure you that numerous people have voiced their concerns. Here are just a few.

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Dennis Yu & Carson Spitzke exposing the fakery of Lira Brothers.

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more evidence aginst them

The following email is from E.J. Saunders, who paid a total of $4,500 to the Empathy Firms. However, upon discovering their failure to deliver results, he only received a $2,500 refund from them. Notably, it was E.J. Saunders himself who exerted pressure, insisting on legal action if a refund wasn’t issued.

Gavin Lira Exposed

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And remember Dave Valentine is the third member if this trio, this is just the beginning of the story. Many others out there engage in similar practices. Stay vigilant and informed. Keep an eye out for more insights into this ongoing saga as we shed light on a few other scammers, like Brandon Deboer, who has scammed thousands using Google as bait.

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