Dennis Yu’s SEO Wisdom Shared with François Beaudry at Affiliate World Dubai 2024

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Affiliate World Dubai was a two-day conference that took place on 28-29 February 2024. It was a meeting place for the world’s top affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs, where I met with one of the leading digital marketers François Beaudry.

The event brought together 5,500+ affiliates, e-commerce entrepreneurs, affiliate networks, traffic sources, and industry companies for three days of networking, learning, and partying. 

During this session, François came to me and asked gently “ Sir are you Dennis Yu? One of the leading SEO experts and co-author of the #1 selling book on Amazon”?

I looked at him and nodded my head and said Yes! Then François and I go deep into the SEO.

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What is the role of SEO in digital marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial role in digital marketing by enhancing the visibility and ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves optimizing various aspects of a website, such as content, keywords, meta tags, and backlinks, to align with search engine algorithms and user intent. By improving a website’s SEO, businesses can attract more organic traffic, increase brand visibility, and ultimately drive conversions.

Additionally, effective SEO strategies help build credibility and trust with the audience, as websites that rank higher are often perceived as more authoritative and reliable sources of information. Thus, SEO serves as a cornerstone in digital marketing efforts, ensuring that businesses can effectively reach and engage their target audience online. We both set together and spent 2 hours talking and discussing key SEO strategies.


I told François some strategies to follow to improve the positioning of websites on search engines. My focus was to stress the understanding of Google algorithm and to always remain updated on what’s going around the world.

The conversation between me and François kept getting interesting as I shared many key points to establish successful SEO strategies.

Let’s discuss some of the Strategies which I shared with François; 

• Crafting compelling content

As a writer your goal should be to deliver valuable and compelling content, take it as a fight to provide quality content. I also advised that it is a fight not to be taken lightly. In today’s digital world where you can find information easily available everywhere, your unique content will make you stand out among thousands of others and help you retain and attract visitors to your website.

I shared one secret with him how much time search engines take to rank content based on the quality of content. Good quality content acts as a pillar for the success of a website as well as making connections between the audience and the writer.

• Social Media Connections

I shed light on the importance of social media connections in the realm of SEO. When I engaged with him in-depth, I made him know how crucial role these connections play in shaping the future of any website.

further explained to him how social media connections impact the SEO.

• Enhancing online visibility

• Driving user engagement

• Strengthen the perceived authority of a website

• Sharing, liking, and commenting sends positive signals to search engines

If you are looking for factual and immediate answers when searching the web use the tool THE GOOGLE KNOWLEDGE PANEL, I also emphasized the importance of this tool as it gives information about billions of pieces of data about diverse people, groups, and topics.

You should not underestimate this tool.

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For example, VIA Communication publishes a post on a social media platform tagging places or different public figures, this Google knowledge graph will create links between all these promotors. It will create for each company and each person spreading like a spider web.

 • Use of artificial intelligence (AI)

In the field of SEO content writing artificial intelligence use is now becoming an important part, but you should know how the use of AI can hurt the visibility of websites ‘that’s the matter of concern.

I asked this question Francois “What do you think about the use of AI in content writing”? 

His answer was as per my expectations like any other person’s, he was concerned that AI might be dangerous for writers or digital marketers too but I made him understand a few points which were;

• Use AI only as a support tool. 

• AI can only write the base of an article. 

• AI can not provide text with real added value it lacks human emotions. 

• Google and its algorithm focus on value creation, AI cannot offer added value. 

• You need human intervention with the use of AI. 

• Selecting excellence over quantity in backlinks

I emphasized selecting quality over quantity in backlink strategies, advised him to avoid using outdated, revoking, and low-quality ones, and focused on building new and high-quality backlinks.

This perspective again gave Francois new upcoming SEO strategies for clients and from now on he will emphasize creating premium quality backlinks with a solid positive impact.

• Impact of the event timeline on the Internet and social channels

I as an expert also made one more thing clear to him, Google gives special considerations to recent actions and sends positive signals to search engines to improve visibility and traffic, authority.

It’s important to remain active and updated on the content. Here are some tips I gave him:

• Update product many times in a year. 

• Generate good quality backlinks. 

• Generate positive reviews on Google reviews, as they will have an impact on your visibility.


This was the highlight question of the day which he asked me, he wanted to know my point of view on future SEO challenges.

I advised him and other Search engine experts to adopt the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in search engine optimization to remain competitive, and start learning about these new challenges now so that you are not left behind in the future!


In the end, Francois said,

“Meeting SEO expert Dennis YU was a valuable and meaningful experience, and his sound knowledge about all SEO strategies broadened my understanding of SEO. His advice will definitely help me to grow, and I will definitely implement these valuable elements into my digital marketing strategies.”

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is co-author of the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in social media, The Definitive Guide to TikTok Ads.  He has spent a billion dollars on Facebook ads across his agencies and agencies he advises. Mr. Yu is the "million jobs" guy-- on a mission to create one million jobs via hands-on social media training, partnering with universities and professional organizations.You can find him quoted in major publications and on television such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, and LA Times. Clients have included Nike, Red Bull, the Golden State Warriors, Ashley Furniture, Quiznos-- down to local service businesses like real estate agents and dentists. He's spoken at over 750 conferences in 20 countries, having flown over 6 million miles in the last 30 years to train up young adults and business owners. He speaks for free as long as the organization believes in the job-creation mission and covers business class travel.You can find him hiking tall mountains, eating chicken wings, and taking Kaqun oxygen baths-- likely in a city near you.