BlitzMetrics Event Qualification

We love to teach and educate via webinars, podcasts, and other speaking engagements at BlitzMetrics.

We get asked to do this pretty frequently, and if we accepted everyone we’d have no time in the day, so we’ve created a list of qualifications to help with expectations.
Before saying yes, we always ask these 3 questions:

What’s your audience size?

Our threshold is 50k+ so we’re able to share knowledge openly and make the most impact on the most people.

Do you have a process in place?

When organizers have a process in place for speakers — a checklist of items that you must submit and have submitted within the few days before the event — this is a sign of experience.

We want to avoid technical difficulties and complications that result from being a part of someone’s “first rodeo”.

Our goal is to create an evergreen training for future specialists, clients, or partners.

We always ask for a list of questions and decide whether or not those can be answered via an FAQ.

What do we want to get out of this?

Ultimately, the goal is to educate, which is why we are selective about taking on events that allow us to do that best.