8 Things  Business Owner Needs to Know About SEO

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Are you one of the people that deploy SEO Guys to run your Business SEO because you believe that you don’t understand any computer stuff?

A lot of people who do SEO love to like wrap it up in this mysterious, confidential secret kind of thing. But there is no mystery about SEO. I’m a Search Engine Engineer, I built the analytics at Yahoo 20 some years ago and my job was to protect our search results from people trying to manipulate them. So people like your SEO Guy are on the other side, trying to manipulate people like me.  And I can tell you, all the SEO techniques are publicly visible,  and there’s zero block bot magic about it.

So if you are employing SEO people, below are the things that you need to check:

1. Average Google Position

So when you see stuff like the average Google position of 12.6, what you should care about are the position on the words that matter to your business and the words that actually have the volume that is worthwhile. 

2. Make sure that your SEO Guy understands his tools

So just because you are sent a report every month doesn’t mean that anything necessarily is happening. 

There are all these tools that autogenerate reports. That’s not what should be looking for. What has he done? What actions has he actually done?

And so what these SEO guys are doing is they are using some tool that just generates these reports, we can argue about what our favorite one is, but all these tools do the same thing– generate a report that doesn’t tell us anything. 

Most SEO guys do a whole bunch of work in the first month, get the rankings up and then they don’t have to do anything because then it can just kind of stay as it is and they keep charging the monthly fee just because you don’t know what they’re doing or not doing because they keep sending you a monthly report. 

3.  Search Terms

So for example, for Mr. Clean, Baltimore power washing is in position four. That means there are three properties ahead of the business and we’re getting about 13 visits on 150 searches per month. That is what’s valuable. 

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 4. Branded Search

And when you see your name, it doesn’t even count because that’s called a Branded search meaning your customers are not searching, they’re navigating because they don’t know how to type in your business name or how it’s spelled. 

5.  Ranking

What does it mean when you say you rank number one or two?

What you need to look for is where you are ranking. Is it news? Is it in video? Is it like how to become a business just like yours? 

And so Google’s showing a range of these things because there are different flavors of ranking. You can rank in images, but not actually rank in regular search results. You can rank in maps, but not rank in images. You can rank in People Also Ask (PAA). 

You need to rank on the right searches.

So if you are ranking number three in the regular organic search results– web results, but you’re not ranking in the first three for the maps results, this might be an issue. Map result is more powerful.

Another thing is when you’re not ranking in the Local Service Ads (LSA) or other kinds of ad units. 

You also need to rank on a number of keywords but be very specific on the things that you need to rank on.

You also need to rank on images, news, and video.

So it would be a question as to why is it that Google’s not showing your business in all the different searches and if you are showing, you need to be showing on certain features at eight or nine ranks every time.  So if your SEO guy shows you only appear in the search or only images, question why.

Curious to know what signals Google is looking for to rank your business up? Here is an Office Hour that talks about the 7 signals and how your business can match them up. 

 6. URL’s

Look at the URLs, and webpages that are ranking and make sure that the webpages are not clearly created by someone who’s doing SEO. 

image 2

The way the headings are done, it’s trying to use literally, just trying to inject the keyword, trying to put in the key location. So this page clearly is trying to rank for pressure washing and in another city, they are just injecting the city name. We get it. That’s what’s working for the last 20 years. 

So you might be thinking that you are ranking on certain keywords because of those webpages but you also need to check how competitive that term is. 

 7. Traffic

So you could get a lot more traffic just by having:

  1. more SERP features
  2. beefing up your pages by having a mix of rich media. Put in a tweet, a video, and links between different pages so you can pass that juice. 

Almost all pages from Mr. Clean Power Washing are basically built like SEO landing pages. Have the same header, look and feel then you have all this SEO-injected content, which I’m not necessarily saying is good or bad, but this is written for the search engine clearly. Their SEO guy is just injecting keywords in here and then this guy carries the same stuff–duplicate content, except change to say Baltimore residential property, Baltimore commercial property to some pages.

Remember, every 10 points higher is 10 times more powerful. So 32 is the ranking that’s about average for a local business.

And so if you have a page that doesn’t rank on any keywords even if the site ranks on 300 keywords, check why. 

8. Links

So there are 4,000 links for this business however you need to look at it closer– which ones are actually worthwhile, driving traffic,  and are helping rank on keywords.  

In most cases, it is just the top ones that are helpful and all the other ones have a domain rating that’s super low–it’s like one, two, or even zero, and it has no traffic and it ranks on no keywords. 

Some links are even weird such as linking to non-related keywords such as Lancaster Restorations, accident attorney Allentown, and a lot of these sites are fake sites built just for SEO.  So some of the sites linking to this business is trying to pretend that they are local site. 

image 3

What they are trying to do is trick Google to think, “Oh, this site is about Lancaster restoration. So someone just bought a whole bunch of domains and then started putting up all fake stuff. So when you ever see stuff like that, you know it’s designed to try to fool the search engines, and instead of doing your site good, what google will see is your site is a SPAM with all these other spam posts from these sites associated with your site.

Doing those is not even doing SEO properly. 

So you might be ranking in so many keywords and features but what you should care about is if it’s resulting in real traffic and resulting in more leads. The other stuff doesn’t matter, because you could just rank on a whole bunch of garbage keywords that have no traffic and then declare victory.

So what do you do in this case?

You go to your Google Search Console and disavow a bunch of garbage links.

You submit to Google what’s called a Disavow request saying, “I’m the business owner, and this is my specialization. I’m not a search engine person. I just hired this SEO person and I paid them some money. I don’t know anything about SEO, but I found that my stuff had a bunch of links that were coming from these spammy sites. And I just wanna come clean and say, look, I was not the one who put together all these spam links from Lancaster restorations or this fake steakhouse or top online news website.org.”

Generate real links with real articles.

You have to link from other sites that are authoritative, meaning they have a high domain rating and they’re related to your particular topic.

Here are some ways:

  1. You have other friends in the industry, so write a guest blog post on their site. 
  2. Maybe there’s a conference that you guys go to. There’s some sort of association, some sort of magazine. You write up something about what you’ve learned from an event.

Generate more content by making 15-second videos

Collect all these little videos like your people doing these different jobs and what your client has to say after a job.  Turn those into blog posts and put them on Twitter, LinkedIn, GMB, and Facebook. Post it to all these other places.

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Activate your Content Factory

image 4

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Frequency of your reviews

Not in total, but in the last two weeks.

That’s all the legitimate way of generating links. 

And I don’t mean to be bashing this guy who does the SEO for Mr. Clean because there are hundreds of thousands of people that are just like this guy. So it’s not like this guy’s evil or anything like that. He’s just doing what he learned from  SEO from other people that are teaching these sorts of spammy techniques. 

What your SEO Guy might be doing is what worked 10 years ago, which is getting webpages to rank but Google is not just webpages. When you do any kind of search, they’re showing you all kinds and what we are trying to achieve is to appear on every kind of search result, especially in the map results.

SEO is about pouring juice between one cup and another cup and actually, there’s no magic in SEO. You’re just linking to other people that are in the same industry and are talking about the same thing or maybe you’re linking to other Baltimore businesses or businesses in the same area. 

And so what you’re doing is you’re sending local signals to Google by doing the real thing versus just generating all this fake stuff to make it look like a human wrote it. 

And that’s what your SEO should be. Your SEO should be legit and it’s gonna be from your actual content that starts with a video.

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