5 Ways That You Can Screw Up in White Labeling 

Are you thinking of doing your own white label agency or having one right now but can’t seem to be getting good partners? This episode is for you wherein Dennis tackles with Josh Wheeler from the White Label Ad Factory the five key things that screwing white label agencies:

Not having a management system to deal with white label in general

So you’re white labeling stuff out. Make sure that you have a reporting process and management process.

Don’t think that just because you bought the service, it takes care of itself. Remember, you are used as an extension of a team. So just like a team, you have to basically treat your client exactly the same and have the same expectations. 

Not setting the proper expectations for your clients

There will be some difficult conversations that may happen  so make sure that you have an agreed communication method  from the very beginning as communication preference can vary between everybody.

And let’s not forget, a lot of things fall of the crack whenever the client were expecting X without knowing that you provide Y. 

It could also be that the client is a jerk and no matter what you do, they’re not going to be happy because their expectations are unrealistic. vWhat can you do?

The most important thing is isolating whatever the root problem was and being able to get that fix.

And that is where a good partner can come in handy. Someone who can say, “What do we need to do to fix the client issue?” And not just say, “Hey, something is wrong, refund the clients money and let’s go” 

So your partner is going to be a super important piece because obviously they’re fulfilling whatever you are promising and when a problem occurs, then it makes problem-solving much, much simpler because you know that you are on the same side and that is to solve those problems. 

What will you do when the customer needs to provide you with something for you to work on but they are not providing you with what you need?

Setting expectations to the client firsthand will resolve this issue especially when the customer has to provide the ingredients BYOB such as creating content. Make sure that your client is aware that there is no way that you can service a client without them having some kind of content, some kind of offer, something that has to come from them. That even if you are the best Gordon Ramsey chef with all the equipment and all the knives and all the best stuff. If the customer gives you chicken poo, you’re not going to turn it into chicken salad. 

 And then what if the account manager is junior and then they’ve lost control.

When there is a failure on the account management level or on that side is that you have to bring management And they’re going to have a variety of solutions that they can already do well.

Not having a streamlined onboarding process for your clients

Not having quality people

I think the most difficult part of agency fulfillment is having the right team members- make sure that they are good and reliable. 

What I find is the most beneficial is finding people that are a junior wherein they may have gone through training already,  gone through something familiar, even if they may not have any practical experience. So we can take that familiarity and then train them up on Facebook or whatever it might be. 

I think a lot of times people want to go find somebody, whether it’s a Filipino VA or whether it’s somebody in the states, whatever it might be and we put so much into what we want them to be, that they would almost be a unicorn sometimes. They have to do everything. And I think by going through your needs, breaking it down to skill sets that you actually need. That’s probably the other biggest thing. 

Think of the methodology of how you can get people from a to Z and that’s the way to do it. It does take time though but what I’ll tell you is, I do believe that people are more loyal, whenever you’ve taken them from where they are, help them gain a skill set. They’ll just be there with you because you will be seen as partners not just their employers.

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Not taking ownership of the relationship that you have with your clients.

Don’t let somebody else basically tend to that relationship. Listen to your clients and don’t be an expert. 

So a lot of times, we think we’ve done a lot of work for a lot of different people from an agency perspective, being involved with a lot of different industries and we think we already have a pretty good understanding of the types of things that are going to work, the offers, the promotions. 

Just know that every market is going to be different, so listening is very important. Listen to what our client wants to do because ultimately if you want to get the best results for your client, you need to know what that best result is.

Give your client the reason to stay by trying to get your clients quick wins by starting with the proven stuff first and then tweaking. 

Client retention may be one thing we don’t have any control over but we can always give our clients the best advice that will encourage them to stay.

Those are the big things that I think for the most part, that’s the top five things that people get wrong, that if they went into it with a different mindset and understanding those things, they would have a vastly improved experience with the most white label or contractor type experiences.

How can you tell whether your White label partners are Good or no good?

Honestly, you can’t tell but I can tell you a couple of things that most people should do when looking for a partner:

  1. Don’t look at your partner’s case studies.

Because when people are using case studies, they’re probably only going to show you the best case studies. So using case studies to judge whether an agency is a good fit is probably not the best way to go 

  1. Check if they specialize in an industry that you’re working with.

So you’re working with home services– roofing for example then you should be looking at a partner that has experience in that because you’re going to have a lot less of a learning curve and they can probably help you more. Especially if you’re a new agency, an experienced partner can provide a lot of insights because they’ve already run the same accounts.

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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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