4 Key points for VA Onboarding

Once you’ve made a Content Factory email address for the new hire and given that email address to BaseCamp, Youtube, FB Business Manager, TimeCamp, and Google Drive; the next step is to send them materials on how to navigate and use each tool.

Onboarding Process

If you’ve hired a virtual assistant adhering to the phases we taught you, the next step is to onboard them. Other companies would need a long time of coaching/spoon feeding to help their new hires catch up but because our hires have gone through a vigorous process, we’re sure that they’re hungry and can work immediately with just simple instructions and links to valuable assets. Here’s the list of links and simple instructions we give our newly hired VAs.

VA Onboarding
VA Onboarding

1. Basecamp

A. Overview 

B. Basecamp

C. How to Create a Message

D. How to Transcribe Emails in BC 

E. Notification Settings

F. How to Log in to BC2

2. Youtube 

A. Navigation

B. How to Upload Videos

3. TimeCamp 

A. How to Use

B. How to Track Time 

C. How to Log Time

Important Excel Files/Articles/Videos for Starting Members:

 A. Excel Files:

Asset Tracker – This is where we track all our internal documents

Content Library – This is where we track all mentions, articles written, speaking engagements, etc.

B. Articles:


C. Videos:

When to Use Email vs Instant Messaging

4. Plumbing:

Video: How to do Basic Plumbing


Video: #CID – RACI with Example