3 Criteria’s when Choosing the Best Person for the Job

It’s natural for people to choose the best people to work for them but what is best meant for each person is different. Here are the top 3 criteria: 

The commonality in life’s journey

People work with someone they feel are on the same wavelength as they are— like-minded, had similar backgrounds as they feel like they are working with somebody who basically knows them– their thoughts and background. 

Very niche Business Process

It might be very easy to find a coach or a program that you align with but its totally different when it’s framed on a certain focus such as through the language of sport as what Cletus Coffey is doing wherein his clients find it very helpful that his processes are framed very specific in the language of sports. In Forrest Sherman’s words, “It was pretty natural and just kind of easy to understand and to work and to talk because we were all kind of communicating on the same level, which I feel like it always makes it easy for communication.”

The Business Mindset

When you’re in business, it’s all about growth. It’s all about who you are as a person. What are you doing differently? What are you saying differently? What types of people are you trying to attract?

“Let’s not necessarily think X’s and O’s, but let’s think process and strategy. Those different types of things that we need to have in creating a business and making a success– successful in running it and communicating and all of those types of things. And so for me, kind of shifting the mindset really to put myself on the other side. What are the tools that I feel like that are necessary now for me to be successful and to take the next steps? And so it was really flipping of a mindset– the way you think and the way you approach your life and your business versus the way we’ve always approached our life and our business when we were playing sports. And so, as a result, I just got a little bit more focused on what the task was, what the goal was, which was to get out in front of more people, make myself more available– different types of ways that I could connect with people.” says Cletus Coffey. 

What do you think of the above suggestions? Do you use any of the 3 when deciding the best person to hand a specific job over?


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