You Are You, Unapologetically!

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You know it’s not a bad idea to act like someone else.

In fact, you can literally get paid for acting like the next big star – even if they are fictional characters!

Actors and actresses do it all the time, they make loads of money being someone else.  

Why then do ordinary people act like someone else without being paid?

Would you chuck it up to an identity crisis? They are not comfortable in their own skin?

Maybe…here is my take, people act like someone else because they lack knowing their own greatness.

The question is not can you act like the next big star, instead the big, scary question is this, “Can you be you, unapologetically?

In the quote “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” what does it mean to be yourself?

What does it mean to know your own greatness?

This blog post will explore this question and look at some ways that cover your greatness causing you to lose your true identity.

This blog post is for anyone who has ever felt like they don’t fit in, anyone who claim to be shy or are unsure of themselves, so they fake it until they make it.

It’s time to stop apologizing for being different and start embracing who you are!

In this blog, I want to talk about who you really are and why it’s okay to be your authentic self.

It’s a lot easier said than done, but there is no one else on earth like you.

There are many things that make us who we are, but one of the most important is simply being able to be ourselves.

You have an individuality that is all yours and not many others share the same gifts, talents, abilities and qualities as you do.

Your uniqueness is the beginning of your greatness!

The pressure society puts on you to conform and be “normal” can lead you to feel like you have lost yourself.

I want help you uncover your greatness so you can embrace your individuality with confidence, so you can fall madly, madly, (did I say madly) in love with you!

Before I can share how to uncover your greatness, we first must talk about what causes your greatness to be covered. What covers up your greatness?

Each of us are born with our own unique greatness! Our greatness was created in us as we grew in our mother’s womb.

We entered this world great, and between the ages of 1-5 we each live freely and walk boldly in our greatness.

Take a moment think about a child between the ages of 1-5. Now, begin to describe all the positive characteristics of a child between ages of 1-5.

Would you agree loving, forgiving, innovator, creative, dynamic, outspoken, honest, determined, risk taker, inquisitive, smart, funny, and the list goes on.

Now, begin to see yourself as the child, because we all were once 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Unfortunately, between the ages of 6-7, something happens that cause each of us begin to cover up our greatness.

The pressure of life is immense. The events, situations, and circumstances that occur in our lives are numerous and inevitable.

Here are 3 things I’m confident happens:

1.  Someone says something negative to you (you’re ugly, you’re dumb, you’re fat, you’re skinny, you stink, you’re never mount to anything, you’re just like your father (or mother) good for nothing, you’re hopeless).

2. You say the negative things to yourself (I’m ugly, I’m dumb, I’m fat, I’m skinny, I stink, I’ll never mount to anything, I’m just like your father (or mother) good for nothing, I’m hopeless, why was I born).

3. You believe the negative things you say about yourself.

The above list is putting it mildly.

People say horrible things to us, and these people can easily be our family members, parents, relatives, love ones, friends, associates, colleagues, and strangers.

We in turn say horrible things to ourselves and to others to mask the hurt.

To put it bluntly, Life happens! And life happenings cover up our greatness!

Since the age of 6 or 7 you have been allowing life happening to cover up your greatness.

So much so, that many are totally blind to their own uniqueness, their gifts, talent and abilities.

When you begin to uncover your greatness, you will find your true identity.

When you find your true identity, you can walk in your greatness.

In your greatness, you are you, unapologetically!

Being true to who we are is the most rewarding pursuit of all. It’s about Being your own best self and owning who you are no matter where you are. Because you are you, unapologetically!

Being you unapologetically means to be who you were created to be, at all times, no matter what, and not allowing other people’s opinions affect how you behave or show up in life.

When you show up without pretense or hesitation, and own who you are, that’s being you unapologetically.

In my next post I will share the steps to uncover your greatness.

Let me leave you with this question, “How can you make a mistake when being you?”

 You can’t, because you are not a mistake. You are you unapologetically!

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Dr. Kim R. Grimes
Dr. Kim R. Grimes
Kim R. Grimes is an ordained minister, a certified transformation life coach, a personal finance mentor, a powerful, inspiring, and life-changing speaker, who leaves her audiences energized and challenged. Strongly inspired by John 10:10, Mrs. Grimes founded Living Abundantly, Inc., by believing and trusting God.

This dynamic speaker, workshop, and seminar leader has over 25 years of leadership, training, and communication experience. Her remarkable messages inspire audiences to shed self-imposed baggage and obstacles that prevent them from Living Abundantly.

She encourages people to identify their phobias, overcome their fears, achieve their goals and live their dreams. Mrs. Grimes delivers “high energy” messages and coaching sessions that inspire men, women, young adults, and youth to “shake off mediocrity” and “live up to their greatness.” It is a message she learned from her own life and one she uses to help others live out their full potential.