Using the BlitzMetrics Access Tool for Google Ads, Analytics, and Tag Manager Accounts

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The access tool is intended to streamline new client onboarding by allowing users to grant access to Google Ads, Analytics, and Tag Manager accounts with the click of a button using OAuth.  The access tool is free to use and requires no technical experience. In future versions, the access tool will also allow users to revoke access quickly and easily. To use the tool simply go to and log in to get started. See the checklist below for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the tool.


This tool is not yet fully released. Please contact for access to the tool. Unless your email has been added to the list of authorized test users, you will not be able to sign in to Google via OAuth.

Grant Access to Google Accounts

  1. Navigate to
  1. Login to your Google account by clicking the “Sign in with Google” button.
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  1. Identify the accounts you wish to grant access to and click the “Grant Access” button.
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  1. Remember to do this for your Analytics, Ads, and Tag Manager accounts.
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