Uploading Your Personal Branding Details to Sites Built with the BlitzMetrics Site Builder

This guide will walk you through uploading your personal branding details to your new website built with the BlitzMetrics site builder.

Step 1: Accessing the Personal Branding Form

  1. Navigate to your BlitzMetrics dashboard.
  2. Click on “Personal Branding” located under the BlitzMetrics menu.

Step 2: Filling Out Your Personal Branding Details

The Personal Branding form includes sections dedicated to crafting your online persona. Here’s a breakdown of each field:

  • Name: Enter your full name.
  • Title: Indicate your current professional title (e.g., Marketing Director, Software Engineer).
  • Companies: List previous or current companies you’ve worked for, separated by commas.
  • Email: Provide your professional email address for inquiries.
  • Why?: This is your elevator pitch! Briefly explain what you do and the value you offer.
  • XYZ: This section uses the BlitzMetrics XYZ model (Who You Help, What You Achieve, How You Do It). Briefly describe your ideal client, the results you help them achieve, and your unique approach.
  • Long Bio: Craft a detailed biography highlighting your experience, skills, and achievements.
  • Short Bio:¬†Write a concise bio summarizing your expertise for a quick introduction.

AI Revision for Text Fields:

Look for the Blitz logo in the right corner of each text field to access Generative AI and generate revisions. Our AI can offer suggestions to improve your writing, such as:

  • Strengthening keywords relevant to your field
  • Ensuring clear and concise language
  • Maintaining a professional tone

Simply draft your content in the designated field, then click the Blitz logo button to see the AI’s suggestions. You can choose to accept the suggestions or refine your text further.

  • Why?
  • XYZ
  • Long Bio
  • Short Bio

Step 3: Saving Your Personal Branding Information

Once you’ve filled out all the details, be sure to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the form. This will ensure your personal branding information is integrated into your website.

Additional Tips:

  • Use high-quality visuals like a professional headshot to enhance your personal brand presentation.
  • Proofread all your content before saving to ensure accuracy.
  • Consider using keywords throughout your bio sections to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

We hope this guide helps you build a compelling personal brand online with BlitzMetrics!