Trial Lawyers Are The Best Defense

Best defense

The best defense or solution to the problem of insurance companies paying nothing or very little to injured people is to find and hire a lawyer who can bring their case against the insurance company and get a favorable result.

The insurance company will now realize that the lawyer’s ready, willing, and able to go to trial to pursue the claim on behalf of their client.

So they will not be able to settle quickly and cheaply.

Secondly, if the lawyer and law firm are decent trial attorneys, get good results at trial, know how to present a case, communicate the facts of that case to a jury, and the result is more favorable than what the insurance company previously offered, the insurance company’s going to begin getting the picture that, why don’t we save our time and money by paying fair value on the claim?

The problem is most lawyers, or indeed, many lawyers, aren’t willing to go to trial against insurance companies or big corporations.

So, they should start taking cases to trial and making insurance companies realize that we’re serious about the claim and that we’re not going to back off and accept a settlement that’s less than fair for our client.

So, that’s the best defense.