What You Should Already Have by Now

These things should have been given or sent to you as part of your onboarding. If anything is missing, please follow up with Operations.

  1. Signed Contractor Agreement and NDA
  2. Onboarding email (which is why you're here)
  3. Content Factory email address
  4. Content Factory WordPress account
  5. Content Factory Academy WordPress account
  6. TimeCamp account and Desktop App (use your company email for the account)
  7. Basecamp account
  8. Access to the Content Factory's Google Drive
  9. Access to our Content Factory YouTube Studio
  10. Access to Google Spaces

Computer apps you should install

How to Use Chat GPT Effectively: A Comprehensive Demonstration with Dennis Yu

ChatGPT Beyond Today | How to use it | Tips & Tricks from Dennis Yu

Acquire more clients as a virtual assistant by utilizing ChatGPT

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