Social posting during a crisis– experts react

Jason Miller of Marketo said that he turned off his social media channels when he heard about what happened in Boston yesterday.

Koka Sexton agrees, noting, that Sprout Social, a community management tool, even put an alert at the top of the screen about Boston.

Peter Shankman caught some flak by posting the following comment:

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Would it be insensitive to continue marketing during a national disaster?




Clearly, some posts are inappropriate. One firm posted about downloading their ebook for some reading before Hurricane Sandy.


There were 26 shootings this week in Chicago. Should we not be posting because of that?


If you have to try to come up with something to say about it, you ¬†shouldn’t be posting about it.

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Jason Miller of Marketo notes that there are people on the other end of the line, so consider where humanity and your marketing needs intersect.