Configuring the “Entity Home” Schema Settings Using RankMath


The RankMath SEO plugin’s “Local SEO” settings (found on the schema settings page) can be used by individuals to set the entity home schema settings. The entity home is used by Google as an authoritative source of truth for information about an entity, in this case an individual person. The BlitzMetrics Site Builder tool for personal brands is designed to help manage your personal brand and content with the goal of triggering and managing a Google Knowledge Panel. By setting these settings in the RankMath plugin, you are telling Google that this site, specifically the Home page, contains reliable information about you for your Knowledge Panel.


  1. Navigate to the RankMath settings page in the Admin dashboard.
  2. Set the Entity Home settings in the Local Business tab.
    1. Set the “Person or Company” setting (entity type) to “Person”.
      1. IYHcLcN1zTrbAHj7XGMheQtW4qBRft5N5c52O DpkoOKneyrviCZ8awMoMK9QlzGhsiYUc
    2. Set the “Website Name” setting to your first and last name.
      1. 3R2 l1I9yeK1 ybUdP5vwB6xtEzhnUgb92MMT2p0CmPpbatHFPTUp871uUj
      2. This will also set the “Person/Organization Name” setting.
    3. Set the “Website Alternate Name” setting to your first and last name as well.
      1. gJn6BRnloC a1t4QiX3NpMeCOcLV1npoNL XwujsGV6oa7YDW7VSAAMlh5V7gnUuLLh28WguUlGJczgCxhHPPXqsqDH3xquh1m5NnGSVaT KPEUWHXSgB2PUFyXzhw3DcK OmmclsL287KdcDXE3FHM
    4. If you have a logo or headshot you would like to use instead, set the “Logo” setting as such.
      1. 2wgBP2FpnK E7K1cPLl5iwFbvFfreYiSJUJioxWZhcqRCsvtOR0W7D0UfY AhgknjAxXxcaG2hvmKBbs5YuQixM5UWnkpIedo8T P2ltsJds pHnEE6QlnjdGI dLJoXRfWZCFCWlB8U7AjfcCFM2zk
  3. Navigate to the Status & Tools page found in the RankMath settings.
    1. Run each of the following tools:
      1. wG2 w3GiKrgrprb3oEMdYi71OAy6j2le52VTzHZhTLMwNIudSxD L4kDMwEhqRK0bkmW7h4QNr7A6R 4Qm73hYRP30zu9CN3uyFTv5T44vDd b5IfnfaB FcBFICyVar1k2LlZ 3jfz0ub4 LWO0910
      2. T3F771RFFShCtlvhnBYtCzv0IewlVrpllPFJ8vXaSHcm54uQxLoeeQ80ICcNosEuVArZbIXSKMxuewKKt5TzkYy1dYuKXjQ956KYnU YH ec1WnzG5NgkozPqUS8ZCZKjUjxHG13
    2. If you are using the BlitzMetrics Site Builder and have set any/all video content on your sites pages and posts run the following tool as well:

Note: The Local SEO settings we set in step 2 (Local SEO settings) will create the entity home schema markup for your Google Knowledge Panel.