Our 3 Best Performing Cold Email Lead Magnets

My goal is for you to stop pitching generic cold email lead magnets that nobody values you for. You need to stand out within the inbox by providing something completely unique and valuable.

What is a cold email lead magnet?

A lead magnet, by definition, is a material/resource that you provide your prospect that your competition charges money for. (and the prospect knows that it’s worth real money)

What is NOT a good cold email lead magnet?

Common misconception with what a lead magnet is:

  • boring and basic “strategy document”
  • free consultation calls “worth $500”
  • free account audits

1. Free lead list of 1k decision-makers

Summary: provide the prospect a free custom lead list based off of (A) one of their case studies (B) rough target market. Make sure that the companies and decision makers in the result are actually within their ICP.

Example script:

Hey {{first_name}},

If you’re doing any cold email outreach (or looking to start), you’ll find yourself trying to build a targeted list of decision makers you can reach out to.

I’ll save you the trouble and build you a free lead list of 1,000 decision makers directly within {{company_name}}’s ideal client profile.

Would that be useful?

2. Free cold call script

Summary: Create a templated cold calling script based on the industry you are reaching out and simply fill in the personalized variables for each point. Make it easy to see that it is personalized and that it is a solid script.

Example script:

Are you the best person at {{company_name}} to send a free cold calling script that you can leverage to get 50+ qualified leads every month?

Let me know, I can write it up for your today even.


PS: using this script framework we booked 72 calls in a single month for another property manager

3. Free video edits/creatives

Summary: The key with this part is that the creatives, edits, designs actually have to be good! If the designs aren’t worthwhile, most people won’t continue the conversation with you. Remember, just because they aren’t paying you (yet) doesn’t mean they should be low quality.

Example script:

{first_name}}, I see UGC content isn’t getting much traction, could we get one of our top creators to make you a free UGC video package for you to test with?

It would take 2-3 days – want to hear more?


Things to keep in mind


Even though they aren’t paying you for this (yet) – you should still put in ample amounts of effort into it.

The better the lead magnet, the more conversations you will have, and the more clients you will bring on with it.

A good lead magnet becomes a middle-tier lead magnet once everyone starts using it.

What is the result of using a good cold email lead magnet?

Having a well optimized cold email lead magnet system can generate tons of qualified appointments with people who see you as an authority in the industry you are in.

Think about it this way, if you receive a high-quality piece of value from a cold emailer without them pitching you right away – you will think of them as a “doctor” rather than a beggar.

From the point of view of the person sending cold emails, you have a much higher authority and chance at selling your service because you are able to position yourself as an expert that is not in need of any sale.

What is the cost of NOT having a good lead magnet?

If you are not giving your prospects high quality lead magnets, someone else will be. They will be single-handedly stealing your customers because you are not existing in front of them enough and providing unique and interesting value to them.

You are quite literally leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not creating a scalable solution for lead magnets that you can give to your prospects.

I highly recommend you start using them. If you are having trouble with coming up with a good idea for it, here is a tool that we developed in order for you to have unique and effective lead magnet ideas.

Go get it!

Alex Makowski
Alex Makowski
End-To-End Lead Generation Specialist and Serial Entreprenuer. I help marketing agencies remove the burden of not having consistent leads and bring stability to their sales call calendar Quality booked aales calls on autopilot using cold email.