Managing and Sharing Your Videos

15-Second Video Course

Course Goals

Now that you're creating a bunch of videos on your smartphone, whether it's an iPhone or an Android, it's being stored in your phone. But now, you've got to get it to the video editors. You've got to get it to your laptop if you're doing this kind of editing.

I like to pay for iCloud, which is another $10 a month or so, for my pictures and videos to automatically get uploaded to iCloud. Since it's in the cloud, I don't have to worry about my device.

I once went swimming at the Great Barrier Reef, thinking that the iPhone was waterproof. It turned out that it isn't, so that phone got destroyed. The beauty of iCloud is that all those wonderful pictures and videos that I took were saved.

I don't have to be worried about uploading videos because that takes a lot of extra time. In fact, you should be using multiple services. It may seem like it's an extra cost, but I'm going to explain to you why it's really not in the next section.

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15-Sec Video Course