How to launch an effective cold email campaign in 2024. (FULL GUIDE)

When it comes to launching an outbound cold email campaign in the search of acquiring new clients for your digital marketing agency, cold emailing stands out as the clear choice, especially if it’s not yet part of your strategy.

Cold emailing emerges as the sole viable method for contacting countless key decision-makers in businesses perfectly aligned with your Ideal Customer Profile without the need to master an entirely new advertising platform, invest heavily in training or tools, or spend endless hours trying to create something new.

The secret is to stick to what’s proven effective, and let me assure you – COLD EMAIL DELIVERS.

Indeed, it’s remarkably effective when executed properly.

This guide is the most thorough and transparent walkthrough of cold emailing you’ll find in 2024. Just a note before we start, for those averse to reading, you can access an 89-minute summary of this entire methodology here:

This most in-depth & honest cold email guide that you’ll see in 2024.

(how to actually get results without wasting time & money)

This comprehensive guide will walk you through every aspect of the services offered by Infinite Bookings.

It’s particularly relevant for you if you’re:

  • a business owner offering services
  • aiming to expand and attract a steady flow of new clients
  • without risking thousands of dollars

If that’s you, let’s get into it.

Why listen?

6x increase in booked calls for Fred using our cold email outreach.

Ben sells high-ticket marketing, everything from website design to paid ads.

“We got our first sales call within 3 days of signing the contract.”

Prerequites to launching a cold email campaign

A poor-performing agency before cold outreach remains the same afterwards.

Ensure your agency’s foundation is solid before attempting to boost client acquisition through cold outreach. This involves refining your:

  • offer, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), risk mitigation strategies, etc.
  • online visibility
  • website landing page
  • service fulfillment
  • sales methodology

Remember, if your agency is underperforming before cold outreach, it will continue to underperform afterwards.

Creating your million dollar offer

Imagine a 2024 Lamborghini Huracan, fresh from the dealership with zero miles on the odometer.

This vehicle carries a sticker price of around $300,000, which is far from inexpensive.

Now, suppose I offer to sell you that very Lamborghini today for just $10,000 – how would you react?

Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate for even a moment to drive it away.

It’s an undeniable “no-brainer” deal. Logically, it just makes sense for me to jump on this opportunity.

Your aim should be to create that same irresistible impulse among your prospects when they learn about your offer.

Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 10.06.22 PM

The essence of detailing your offering so precisely is to:

  • Allow the prospect to clearly envision the outcome of your service
  • Make the offer compelling and engaging
  • Make it seem irrational to decline

Advantages of presenting an irresistible offer include:

  • Accelerated sales processes
  • Attraction of premium clients
  • Ability to command higher fees for your services
  • Increased interest in your service, leading to more sales opportunities
Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 10.18.19 PM

Crucial Elements of a Lamborghini Offer

Targeted ICP – Who are your ideal customers?

Firstly, identify the specific types of companies you aim to engage with.

This could include sectors such as Lawyers, eCommerce Brands, Software Companies, Property Managers, and so on.

Next, break these categories down into more specific sub-niches.

For Lawyers, consider segments like Injury Lawyers, Business Lawyers, Family Lawyers.

For eCommerce Brands, think about niches like Supplement Brands, Household Accessories, Office Supplies.

For Software Companies, look at AI Software Companies, Fintech Software Companies, eCommerce Software Companies.

This specificity ensures you know exactly which companies you’re targeting.

The Importance of Sub-Niches:

Focusing on sub-niches within your target market allows you to tailor your messaging to be highly relevant to each group, significantly increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Further segmentation by technology, location, and funding will be applied when creating lead lists to refine targeting.

Quantifiable Outcome – Hitting the Jackpot

Now, it’s crucial to define the tangible results you’ll provide for your clients.

For instance, if you operate a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) for personal trainers, your service extends beyond mere social media management.

Personal trainers aren’t just looking for an increase in Instagram followers or regular posts. They’re investing in your services to gain more 1-on-1 clients or sell their online coaching programs ($$$).

You’re not merely selling a service; you’re selling the outcomes that your service achieves.

This forms the basis of the commitment you make to your clients regarding the results you’ll deliver.

Your promises can be categorized into three main outcomes:

Save Time

Promise to liberate your clients’ marketing teams from 15 hours of repetitive tasks each week through your specialized automation system, with payment contingent on success.

Save Money

Offer to cut customer acquisition costs for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) e-commerce brands by half within 30 days with your unique ad optimization techniques, earning a fee based only on the savings achieved.

Make Money

Guarantee a 15% boost in conversion rates for clients’ Shopify sites within a month using your tailored Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy, or they owe nothing.

The more audacious and credible your guarantee, the more attractive your proposal becomes, encouraging potential clients to engage with you under those terms.

Timeframe – When Can You Expect Results?

Your prospects need to know when the magic will happen.

Is it going to be an overnight success, a month-long journey, or a year-long endeavor?

Giving them a clear idea of the average timeframe helps them visualize the value of your offer and its impact on their business.

Unique Mechanism – Why Choose Us?

Skip the fancy names for your process or strategy. Honestly, that’s not what’s most important.

What matters is why someone should choose you over someone else.

What’s your secret sauce? What unique value do you offer that your competitors can’t?

Spell it out. And make sure there’s a way for people to learn more, like a whitepaper or a detailed explanation of your approach, easily accessible for those interested.

Risk Reversal (Optional) – What’s the Risk?

Think about it, you’re asking cold prospects to hand over a hefty sum through the internet.

They need a safety net that lowers their risk if things don’t pan out. (And yeah, people are pretty wary about agencies, as you’ve likely noticed.)

So, if you can say things like:

  • We’re all about performance; you only pay for results.
  • Don’t see any improvement? Don’t pay a dime.
  • Not satisfied? Get your money back.

…you’re going to see a boost in pretty much every metric imaginable (like meeting bookings, closing rates, and so on).

The aim is to make prospects feel like they’ve got nothing to lose—especially not their cash.

Alright, with the foundation set—your irresistible offer—it’s time to dive into the next step…

Does Social Presence Matter With Cold Outreach?

When you hit up a cold prospect with an email, trust me, they simply don’t know who you are – and that’s just the cold hard truth.

But here’s the thing… you can totally change the game when they decide to Google your name or your company.

The fastest way to start building trust and being seen as a big deal in your field is to actually show up online.

This means you gotta be out there creating content and dropping knowledge on social media and your website, making sure when folks look you up, they find gold about what you’re all about.

Depending on who you’re trying to reach, you should tweak your content game to match.

We’re talking:

This stuff might not fill your pockets directly, but it’ll boost your rep all through the lead generation, sales, and even after you’ve sealed the deal.

Example: Compare the two different service providers; imagine you got the same exact outreach email from them:

Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 8.59.05 PM 1

Tell me, which one would you be more likely to choose and trust to send over thousands of $$$ over the internet?

Of course, it would be Service Provider #2. It just makes logical sense.

That should be your goal. To make people trust you just after seeing a few pieces of your content online.

The bottom line: running cold outreach without a personal brand isn’t feasible anymore. An online existence is crucial for credibility and leveraging trust-based selling during sales calls.

Your landing page NEEDS to be optimized

A landing page is the home page of the website that people come to when they are approached by your company.

There is a specific way that you are able to build out landing pages and optimize them specifically for conversion from cold lead flow.

Service Delivery

It might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many skip this step…

Before you even think about reaching out cold, your onboarding and service delivery systems need to be locked and loaded.

Let’s be real: if your agency couldn’t cut it before cold outreach, don’t expect cold outreach to be your knight in shining armor.

Make sure your onboarding is smooth as butter so your clients stick around instead of bouncing at the first hiccup.

Sales Process

Imagine your cold outreach hits a home run, and bam, you’ve got 50 meetings lined up in the first month (might just happen, you never know…)

Could you handle the heat?

You’ve gotta have a sales process in place for everything that happens before and after that call.

We’re talking about a sequence for new bookings, alerts, screening questions, follow-up email strategies, and the whole nine yards.

Your sales game needs to have a solid structure, no matter if you’re in an industry known for its marathon sales cycles.

Ok, so now you’ve got the essentials down. What’s the next move?

Setting up infrastructure (email & automations)

In the world of cold email marketing, the ability to send out thousands of emails every day without running into high costs, delivery issues, ESP restrictions, or complex setups is like striking gold. Here’s how you can achieve this with a streamlined cold email infrastructure.

1. Acquiring Domains and Email Accounts

Despite some controversy regarding the reliability of Mailscale’s email accounts, we’ve found their service to offer great deliverability and a much simpler, faster setup process compared to others.

About 24 hours after signing up, you’ll receive a spreadsheet from Mailscale to upload your new accounts into Smartlead.

Just follow their instructions to the letter, especially about warming up your accounts.

2. Setting Up Your Account is where you’ll manage your accounts, campaigns, and metrics.

Choose a plan that aligns with your emailing volume. This platform will be your command center, ensuring your campaigns run smoothly and effectively.

Our system uses two Calendly links: one for prospects to book themselves with pre-set qualifying questions, and another for manual bookings without those questions.

This setup helps streamline the appointment process, making it easier for prospects to engage with you.

4. CRM Integration and Calendly Show-Up Sequences

Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 10.41.52 PM

Integrating Calendly with your CRM system allows you to track new bookings automatically. Whether you prefer, Airtable, or another CRM, most quality platforms will integrate seamlessly with Smartlead and Calendly.

You can use Zapier for simplicity or for more customizable automation, including sequences for no-shows, nurturing, and unqualified leads.

5. Connecting Smartlead with Your CRM

Smartlead’s robust API facilitates real-time CRM updates with every positive response. When you categorize a lead as “Interested” in Smartlead, it’s automatically added to your CRM for timely follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

6. Custom Inbox Management Software Solutions

Screenshot 2024 01 27 at 7.42.56 PM

For those utilizing our Custom Automated Inbox Management System, setup occurs at this stage. This ensures that by the time your campaign is ready to launch, all necessary automations are in place, allowing for a smooth operation from day one.

By following these steps, you’ll have laid a solid foundation for your cold email campaign, capable of reaching thousands daily without the common pitfalls.

Stay tuned for our deep dive into Inbox Management, providing you with a glimpse into the efficiency and effectiveness of a well-oiled email marketing machine.

Market Research and Building Lead Lists for Cold Emailing

Having the infrastructure to send 2,000 emails daily is a fantastic start, but the next crucial question is: who will receive these emails?

Creating a Targeted Lead List

Your goal is to compile a list of decision-makers at companies that fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). When building this list, consider several key factors:

  • Technologies Used by Your ICP: This can include software, website builders, advertising platforms, and social media platforms they commonly use.
  • Location: Where are these companies based?
  • Company Size: What’s the scale of the business?
  • Funding: Have they recently received funding?
  • Industry-Specific Insights: For instance, are they official partners with specific email marketing platforms like Klaviyo?

Answering these questions allows you to craft a unique outreach angle and differentiate yourself from competitors. Tailoring your message enhances its relevance to the recipient, a strategy known as “segmentation” or dividing your audience into specific, targeted groups.

Rather than having one massive list of 20,000 decision-makers, it’s more effective to create multiple lists, each containing 4,000 decision-makers within specific industries.

Screenshot 2024 01 27 at 10.06.53 PM

Leveraging Industry-Specific Tools

Depending on the industry you’re targeting, utilize specific software or directories to refine your search:

  • BuiltWith: Ideal for generic technology filtering.
  • Storeleads, Brandnav: Best for identifying eCommerce brands.
  • Crunchbase, Useful for finding software companies.
  •, AgencyVista: Great for locating agencies.

Once you’ve identified companies using these tools, platforms like can help you export these leads into a usable CSV file.

Exporting and Verifying Lead Lists

Exporting from can be approached in several ways, including using a custom scraper instead of opting for a paid subscription. After exporting your list, it’s vital to verify the emails to ensure they are valid and won’t negatively impact your email reputation. Tools like MillionVerifier or Listclean can help with this, typically validating around 60% of your list.

  • Verified Email: Indicates an email address is safe to send to.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of emails sent that are invalid. Aim for a rate under 3% to maintain a healthy email reputation.
  • Email Reputation: A score assigned by ESPs (like Google, Outlook, Yahoo) to your email. The closer to 100%, the better.

With a verified list of thousands of decision-makers, you’re ready to move on to the next step in your cold emailing strategy: offering Free Value.

Making Lead Magnets and Sales Assets Work for You

When it comes to winning over prospects, there’s a secret sauce: giving them something awesome right off the bat. This isn’t just about throwing a sales pitch their way.

It’s about showing up with a gift in hand – something that proves you know your stuff and you’re here to help, not just sell.

What’s a Sales Asset Anyway?

Think of sales assets as your first impression toolkit. They’re the “goodies” you offer up front to say, “Hey, I’m an expert, and I’ve got your back.” This approach flips the script from asking for something (like their time for a call) to giving them something valuable right out of the gate.

Standing Out in a Sea of Emails

So, how do you make your cold email the one they actually want to open? Simple: offer them a slice of value before you even hint at a meeting. This could be anything that makes their life easier or solves a problem they’ve been wrestling with:

  • Personalized Loom Videos: Imagine getting a video made just for you, addressing your specific needs.
  • Strategy Guides: Like a treasure map, but for navigating business challenges.
  • Freebie Tools: Scripts or automations they can plug and play.
  • Trial Runs: A sneak peek at your service, no strings attached.

This approach is like saying, “Let me help you,” before you say, “Let’s chat,” making them more likely to want to hear what you have to say.

Ideas to Get You Going

Need some inspo for what to offer? Check out these examples:

  • A Klaviyo Audit for Beauty Brands: Perfect for beauty brands looking to up their email game.
  • A Cold Calling Script for Real Estate Managers: Because who doesn’t want a script that actually works?
  • Automation Magic for Email Agencies: Give them tools they can use right away to see a difference.

These aren’t just freebies; they’re your foot in the door and a way to keep the conversation going, especially when it comes time to talk shop.

Using Sales Assets as Your Ace

Ever get hit with skepticism about how you do what you do? Having a detailed guide or doc ready to go can turn “I’m not sure” into “Wow, you really know your stuff!” It’s about being prepared and showing it, proving you’re the real deal.

Why You Need These in Your Arsenal for 2024

Looking ahead, having a solid lineup of sales assets is more than just a nice-to-have; it’s essential for snagging attention, building trust, and closing deals. It’s not just about getting your foot in the door; it’s about opening it wide and welcoming them in. Ready to make your mark?

Crafting Cold Email Scripts & Follow-Ups That Convert

Alright, you’ve got your lead lists and your shiny new sales assets. Now, it’s showtime—time to craft those emails that are going to crack open conversations with as many qualified prospects as you can manage.

We’re all about cutting straight to the chase with our cold email scripts and follow-ups.

The Formula: Logical, specific, and relevant messaging beats fake AI-generated flattery any day.

Opening Lines That Hook

Here’s the deal: we’ve split our broad market into 5 nifty sub-niches. This lets us personalize our messages super easily and sprinkle in some industry lingo to really tailor our approach.

Instead of the generic:
“Hey {{first_name}}, noticed you own an eCommerce brand…”

Go with something like:
“Hey {{first_name}}, stumbled upon {{company_name}}’s TikTok ad. Those shirt designs? Killer.”

Catch the difference? It’s all about:

  • Naming the company
  • Mentioning TikTok Ads
  • Zeroing in on what they do—shirts, in this case

That’s segmentation done right. It feels personal because it is personal. AI’s got nothing on this.

Social Proof or Value Proposition

After your killer opening, it’s time to bring out the big guns: social proof. Got a big-name client? Drop their name. Smaller clients? Highlight the awesome results you’ve achieved for them. Keep it snappy—15 words max.


Dive straight into your value prop. Tell them exactly how you can make their life better. Think:

“We help shirt brands like yours craft UGC content that boosts sales, without breaking the bank.”

Avoid the trap of:
“I’m Alex from UGC Central. We make lots of content for cheap. Hire us.”

Why? It’s a snoozefest. Too long, talks price too soon, and it’s all about you, not them. Plus, the promise of “30 pieces of content” isn’t exactly setting the world on fire.

The Goal of Your First Email

Remember, this first email has one job: get them interested. That’s it. You’re not selling the farm yet.

Only after they bite on your initial hook should you be nudging them towards a call.


Now that you’ve got them nodding along, hit them with a CTA that’s easy to agree to. If you’re dangling a sales asset, make it irresistible:

“How about I send over 5 killer automations that’ll save you 12 hours per client?”

Or, if you’ve already sold them on the dream:

“Fancy a peek at those automations?”

The goal? Get them to reply, “Yeah, send it over.” Simple as that.

And there you have it—a no-nonsense guide to writing cold emails that actually get you somewhere.

Nailing the Follow-Up: Crafting Subsequences That Convert

Alright, you’ve got your cold email scripts ready to roll. What’s next? Prepping for every possible response with a solid set of subsequences. This is where you can really amp up your game and make sure no lead slips through the cracks.

Why Subsequences Matter

Subsequences are your game plan for any response a prospect might throw your way, from “I’m out of the office” to “Tell me more about your pricing.” They’re not just follow-ups; they’re strategic moves designed to keep the conversation flowing and inch closer to that coveted “Yes.”

And here’s the kicker: if the first email doesn’t get a response, we’ve got up to 3 follow-ups ready to go before we decide it’s time to move on. Tailoring these for each sub-niche means you’re always on point and ready to engage fast once your campaign kicks off.

Example Time: Sales Asset Request Subsequence

Let’s break down what a subsequence for a Sales Asset Request might look like:

Email 1: The Initial Offer
“Hey {{first_name}}, just dropped the goods: {{insert_link_here}}. Looks like something you’d dig? How about we chat tomorrow between 10 AM EST and 5 PM EST? Here’s my link to book a call: {{calendly_link}}.”

Email 2: The Nudge
“Yo {{first_name}}, hope you’re doing awesome. Sent you the {{sales_asset_name}} a couple days back. Had a chance to peek at it yet?”

Email 3: The Last Call
“Hey {{first_name}}, still interested in {{insert_client_offer}}? The {{sales_asset_name}} I sent has the blueprint. If you’ve had a look and wanna dive deeper, I’m here for it. Here’s my schedule: {{calendly_link}}.”

Spicing It Up With Spintax

And don’t just copy-paste these subsequences. Add a bit of spintax (that’s spin syntax for the uninitiated) to keep things fresh. This way, each follow-up feels personal and tailored, not like it’s been blasted out to a thousand other inboxes.

The Takeaway

Building out these subsequences isn’t just about being prepared; it’s about making every interaction count. By anticipating responses and having your follow-ups at the ready, you’re not just shooting in the dark—you’re strategically nudging prospects down the funnel, one personalized email at a time.

So there you have it. With your cold email scripts and subsequences in hand, you’re ready to tackle any response that comes your way. Here’s to more conversions and less guesswork!

Launching the campaign

Now you have the three essential parts of the campaign that are needed for the launch:

✅ Lead List

✅ Sales Asset

✅ Scripts & Subsequences

It’s time to go into smartlead and launch your campaign.

At our agency, this process is fully automated, but here is the breakdown if you are still doing it manually.

  1. Add a “New Campaign.”
  2. Upload a single sub-niche’s lead list.
  3. Paste your scripts in the “Sequences” tab.
  4. Select your email accounts.
  5. Set your time zone. (we send emails from 10 am- 6 pm; 5 days a week)
  6. Double check and launch.
  7. Go to “Add Subsequences.”
  8. For each specific lead response category, paste your subsequence copy with follow-ups.

This is the root of the campaign. At this point, make sure that all of your automations are working correctly and that your email accounts reputation is steady. 

Launching the campaign

Now you have the three essential parts of the campaign that are needed for the launch:

✅ Lead List

✅ Sales Asset

✅ Scripts & Subsequences

It’s time to go into smartlead and launch your campaign.

At our agency, this process is fully automated, but here is the breakdown if you are still doing it manually.

  1. Add a “New Campaign.”
  2. Upload a single sub-niche’s lead list.
  3. Paste your scripts in the “Sequences” tab.
  4. Select your email accounts.
  5. Set your time zone. (we send emails from 10 am- 6 pm; 5 days a week)
  6. Double check and launch.
  7. Go to “Add Subsequences.”
  8. For each specific lead response category, paste your subsequence copy with follow-ups.

This is the root of the campaign. At this point, make sure that all of your automations are working correctly and that your email accounts reputation is steady. 

Mastering Inbox Management for Your Campaign

Launching your cold email campaign is just the beginning. Now, with your campaign rolling and emails flying out, you’re going to start seeing all sorts of replies landing in your inbox. And yes, not all of them are going to be fan mail.

Handling the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Responses

The Reality Check:
You’re going to get negative responses. Some folks might be on vacation, others might not be too pleased to hear from you, and a few might even drop the “I’m calling my lawyer” bomb over the CAN-SPAM Act.

The Strategy:
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Negative replies? Mark them as “Not interested” and move on. Your energy is better spent on those who see the value in what you’re offering.

Focusing on Positive Interactions

When you do hit gold with a positive reply, here’s how to handle it:

  • Address their concerns: Quickly and efficiently tackle any objections they might have.
  • Respond promptly: Aim for a turnaround time of less than 15 minutes to keep the momentum going.
  • Guide them towards a call: Ultimately, your goal is to transition from email to a call where you can dive deeper.

This approach ensures you’re only spending time on leads that show real promise.

When to Level Up Your Inbox Management

If you’re running a tight ship, maybe handling your own lead gen, you can probably manage without an overly complex system. But if you’re juggling campaigns for 20+ clients, investing in a robust inbox management system isn’t just nice—it’s necessary.

Our system, for instance, can automatically tailor responses based on the campaign and subsequence, even leveraging AI within Smartlead to sort leads. Plus, it keeps our CRM updated with every twist and turn of the conversation.

Booking That Call

Getting a prospect on a call can happen one of two ways:

  1. They book themselves: Using the Calendly link you provided, they answer qualifying questions on revenue, team size, etc., which helps ensure they’re a good fit before you even speak.
  2. You book for them: In cases where you’ve already qualified them through email chats, use a different Calendly link for a more streamlined booking process, sans the detailed pre-qualifying questions.

The endgame of inbox management? To seamlessly sift through the noise, identify the prospects worth your time, and set up that all-important call. It’s about maintaining that initial spark of interest and turning it into a full-blown conversation.

Launching your cold email campaign is just the beginning. To keep the machine humming and ensure your efforts translate into real results, you need to stay on top of a few crucial areas:

Ensuring Continuous Quality Lead Flow

First off, keep your campaign fueled with high-quality leads. A steady stream ensures your message continually reaches new, relevant audiences.

Monitoring Script Performance

Keep an eye on which scripts are hitting the mark and which ones might need a tweak or two. Not every message will resonate with every audience, so adaptability is key.

Inbox Management

This is where the rubber meets the road. Efficiently sorting through responses, focusing on promising leads, and not getting bogged down by negativity or spam are all part of the dance.

Watching Deliverability Like a Hawk

Perhaps the trickiest part is ensuring your emails actually reach the inbox and don’t take a detour to the spam folder. Gradually increasing your sending volume over 2-3 weeks can help establish a good reputation, but if you start seeing signs of trouble (like an uptick in spam complaints), it’s time to dial back and reassess.

Testing, Testing, and More Testing

Even if you’re itching to get going, don’t shy away from experimenting with new approaches, exploring different industries, or tweaking your message. The landscape of lead generation is ever-evolving, and staying static is not an option if you want to keep up.

The Ongoing Challenge of Deliverability

Deliverability issues can be a major roadblock. The key to avoiding the spam folder isn’t just about crafting a great message; it’s about how and how often you send those messages. A careful balance must be struck to maintain your domain’s health.

Wrapping It Up: Your Campaign Blueprint

To sum up, launching a successful cold email campaign for your service-based business involves several steps, from the initial groundwork of defining your offer and ensuring a solid online presence, to the continuous management of your campaign’s mechanics.

Here’s a quick recap of the journey:

  • Prerequisites: Nail down your offer, ICP, risk reversal, etc., enhance your social presence, optimize your landing page, streamline service delivery, and refine your sales process.
  • Setting Up Infrastructure: This includes market research, building lead lists, creating compelling lead magnets/sales assets, and writing effective scripts and subsequences.
  • Launching The Campaign: Get the ball rolling with your prepared materials and strategies.
  • Inbox Management: Keep a close eye on your campaign’s pulse by managing responses effectively.
  • Managing The System: Ensure ongoing quality and adjust strategies as needed.

Remember, the world of lead generation is fast-paced and constantly changing. What works today might need adjustment tomorrow, so stay agile, keep testing, and continuously optimize your approach. This way, you’ll not only keep your campaign fresh but also stay ahead in the game of bringing qualified clients onboard.

If you are an agency owner:

  • doing over $10k/month
  • able and willing to invest multiple 4 figures into lead gen
  • have case studies and testimonials

and are looking to:

  • inflate your tax bill
  • get on 15-40 sales calls every month with your dream prospect
  • looking to only pay for every call you get on (no retainers)

book a time on THIS calendar link below to see how we can work together.

If you still have any questions about cold email or cold outreach in general, HERE is an article we wrote to go over the BASIC questions you might still have!

Or… you can just watch the video here:

Alright, that’s it for now – hope you enjoyed it and learned something new 🙂

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