De-boarding VA Process Checklist

Are you looking for hassle-free way to fire people? I have made these processes entirely simple for every employer. For me time is a secret weapon. We need to manage our time by doing tasks effectively. You can use your time wisely by applying my strategy of  #DDD— Do, Delegate, or Delete.

Although de-boarding is as significant as onboarding, it is often overlooked or not given the attention it deserves by human resources personnel. Your company will remain efficient and hassle-free when you use an organized de-boarding VA process checklist.

Step-by-step process of de-boarding a VA

Remove access from the following assets:

Mark N/A if they never had access while de-boarding VA.

  • Google Suite
    • Transfer files to your own drive, then move the folder to the Content Factory drive under the ex-employees drive folder.
  • Basecamp
    • Rename each team member’s basecamp to-do by adding “[First name]” [Last name’s initials]:” at the front of each to-do’s name, then reassign each BC to-do to the basecamp user TimeCamp (don’t remove required for time tracking)’s activity E.g. “John S: Crosspost to Facebook”.
    • Remove the team member from Basecamp.
    • Inform team lead to reassign projects.
  • Timecamp
    • Download the member’s Timecamp report for the remaining dates of employment.
    • Delete access to Timecamp.
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook Workplace
  • Infusionsoft
    • Remove member accounts.
  • Team Roster
  • Operations email list
  • Academy
  • YouTube
  • Boomerang!
  • BlitzNation
  • Content Factory Academy Members
  • Content Factory VIP Members
  • Retrieve company equipment
  • Remove software subscriptions
  • Team lead needs to re-assign their current projects/tasks
  • Notify the financial specialist or an authorized VA when someone has been de-boarded so they can remove them from the payroll properly

For Specialists and VAs who left on good terms, maintain access to Content Factory Academy. If they did not leave on good terms, then they do not get any access.