The BlitzMetrics Chatbot Course

Capture the attention of your customers by leveraging Chatbots, the growth-hacking super-tool.

Have you heard of the phrase, "the money is in your list"?

If you have a list of targeted and quality prospects, the more chance you'll be able to monetize.

In 2018, an email marketing list is essential but have you been thinking about your Chatbot list?

Today, Facebook's Messenger platform is being used by over 1.3 billion people.

Messenger marketing provides a unique opportunity to connect with your potential customers to Facebook's colossal audience.

The nature of reaching customers today is that email marketing has a 20% open rate at best and maybe a 1-2% click-thru rate.  

Though email marketing will continue to have its place, chatbots are instant with up to 95% open rates and continue to get people's attention based on immediacy. 

Ask yourself, what do you check first when you're on your phone. Your email app or your messenger notification? 

Would you like to discover a way to interact and engage with your prospects?  We'd like to introduce you to The BlitzMetrics Chatbot Course.

In this course we help you with:

  • Setting up a Comment Guard.
  • Boosting your Greatest Hits.
  • Creating Drip Campaigns to convert your Leads
  • Using ChatBlasts effectively to reach your subscribers
  • How to utilize our 3x3 model for sequencing in Chatbots from a 1st touch all the way to a conversion. 

Chatbots could well be the boost your business needs. They create conversational experiences with your prospects so you can engage with them when it matters most.

Let’s help lay the groundwork for you, join the Chatbot Course today.

       Stephan Becker    
  PPC University

"I love your suggestion about shooting 1-minute vertical videos and then using those videos with comment guards with mobile monkey to get more quality engagement. Absolutely brilliant idea. 

     Dennis Yu    

"The FB ad chatbot marketing consultant will eventually put many agencies out of business.