Content Factory 9 Triangles Framework: A Checklist for Business Success


We partner with schools to provide paid training for young adults, funded through the sale of packages. We are a learning software company based upon the 9 Triangles Framework. The 9 triangles comprise the entire Framework for the Business Triangle:

The 9 triangles

The top triangle is mission: what we stand for, holding the Specialist as our primary concern. (WHY)

SBP: Specialist, Business, Partner: The Triad.

The 3 triangles of marketing hold the middle level. (HOW)

● ACC: Audience, Consideration, Conversion: the funnel.

● MAA: Metrics, Analysis, Action: Optimization/Iteration.

● GCT: Goals, Content, Targeting: Business strategy.

The 5 triangles of business anchor the bottom level. (WHAT)

● DDD: Do, Delegate, Delete: Personal efficiency.

● CID: Communicate, Iterate, Delegate: Leadership.

● LDT: Learn, Do, Teach: Career path.

● CCS: Content, Checklist, Software: Word of mouth.

● MOF: Marketing, Operations, Finance: Business functions.

9 Triangles Checklist

❏ Understand the Triad

❏ Learn about the triangles that make up the “marketing” portion of the Framework of Business

❏ Learn about the triangles that make up the “business function” portion of the Framework of Business

❏ Understand the principle pairings of triangles and concepts

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