How to Become a Professional Public Speaker

What Does Being a Public Speaker Get You?

Being a public speaker means achieving your brand goals, networking with interesting people, and becoming a LIGHTHOUSE in your industry.

It's what you do after you've become an established figure with success stories to share.

The benefits include:

  • Selling more of your books and courses.
  • Becoming a clear communicator.
  • Increasing your professional reputation.
  • Driving more inbound leads with authority.
  • Building your network and community.
  • Raising your stature as an entrepreneur.
Why Should Dennis Yu Teach You?

Dennis Yu has spoken at over 750 conferences in 20 countries on digital marketing.

He's presented for crowds as few as 30 and as large as 20,000.

With over 2 decades of public speaking experience, he now reveals his secrets to give electrifying presentations which have attendees lining up to shake your hand.

In this program, Dennis breaks down how to passionately present your ideas in front of thousands - and get applause for it!

Steps To Public Speaking:
Is This Program For You?

We want everyone who will join the program to succeed. To increase the probability of success, you need to have the right ingredients already in place.

To be clear - you shouldn't be a speaker until you've achieved something worth speaking about.  

It's what you do AFTER you have become successful and want to help others also be successful, following what you did.

Required Ingredients:

  1. Ability to share your ideas in a way which attendees can interact and engage.
  2. Can speak to crowds and have the will to learn and practice over time.
  3. Are able to be social and network before and after presentations.
This Course Is NOT For You If:

  1. You're terrified of public speaking and crowds + you're unwilling to change.
  2. You have no experience in the topic you plan on presenting.
  3. You only want to speak publicly to sell a product and think networking isn't important.

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