Private Optimization Session with Dennis


If you're a Dollar-a-Day Program or Office Hours member, here is another perk for you

If you already have Dollar-a-Day ads running on any channel, Dennis is willing to help you optimize them, provided you meet the requirements outlined below:

  1. You have at least 15 ads.
  2. You have spent a minimum of $300 on those ads.
  3. You are boosting a proven offer or service.
  4. You have clients who enthusiastically endorse your business.

If you meet all four requirements and would like to learn how to optimize your campaigns, send an email to to book a call with Dennis.

This session is for optimization, which means getting more out of what's already doing well in your business. The call is not for general strategy discussions, such as coming up with new ideas, new products, brainstorming, etc.

How do we ensure success in the session? Come prepared!

Prior to the call, please ensure you have prepared the following information to share with Dennis:

    • A clear explanation of your proven offer or service.
    • Positive reviews or testimonials from your clients.
    • References to demonstrate the performance of your ads.
    • Have the relevant web pages loaded in multiple browser tabs for easy reference during the call.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to prepare any questions you have specifically related to optimizing ads that you would like to ask Dennis during the call. This will help ensure that all your queries are addressed effectively.