Your “WHY” Video


What is a WHY video?

A WHY video defines your why, or your passion. People are more likely to buy something they believe in. This is why you should clearly define your why and build your brand around it.

Video is the most powerful ingredients of your personal brand, starting with your story and amplified by the stories of your ambassadors. It starts with you.

Whether you’ve been regularly creating content for 10 years or have never written an article in your life, you’ll be able to easily create a “WHY” video by following these guidelines:

For one minute videos in general, here’s a great format to start out with. This is just one of limitless variations but the principles hold the same.

You want to start with a hook that’ll immediately capture your audiences attention.

At the end of a video you also want to always have a call to action based on where your video is at in your funnel.

If it’s a how video ask your audience a specific question at the end to encourage engagement.

If it’s a what video aimed at converting your audience, close with your call to action.


Patch Baker

Luaren Peterson

Dennis Yu