Your “WHY” Video

What is a WHY video?

A WHY video defines your why, or your passion. People are more likely to buy something they believe in. This is why you should clearly define your why and build your brand around it.

Video is the most powerful ingredients of your personal brand, starting with your story and amplified by the stories of your ambassadors. It starts with you.

Whether you’ve been regularly creating content for 10 years or have never written an article in your life, you’ll be able to easily create a “WHY” video by following these guidelines:


Logan Young

1.”When I was in high school my first job I worked at was at a Subway…”
2. “I believe that we need to seize opportunities that are before us and a shrug off things that are seeking to weigh us down and distract us”.
3. “I am Logan Young from BlitzMetrics and that is my story”.


Ethan Rumbaugh

1. “When I was in school it took a lot of different classes and I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career…”
2. I believe that… “Design is something we can all embrace and learn to improve our lives”.
3. “I am Ethan Rumbaugh and I am a designer at BlitzMetrics”.


Curtis Bean

1. “When I was a teenager life was great. I had a small business that was going well, I had lots of friends, and I was moving up in the world as an athlete but then on my fifteenth birthday I was diagnosed with West Nile virus and everything changed…”
2. I believe that… “every business and every community has the power and responsibility to change the world. Alone, the amount of good you can do might seem insignificant, but together I know that we can make a difference. We can change the world.”
3. “I am Curtis and I’m a business-to-business marketing specialist at BlitzMetrics”.


Bryce Clark

1. “When I was 14 years old I was super skinny and really uncoordinated I had horrible acne and I had no friends because I just come from a private school where I was one of two eighth graders…”
2. “I believe that digital marketing is an incredible way to connect the people and help them reach their goals when it comes to lead generation and making more sales and in turn that helps to reach their client’s goals…”
3. “I am Bryce Clark and this is my story”.


Nick Hicken

1. “When I was 19 I had the awesome opportunity to go to Colombia to visit a friend and went on this trip I had the unique experience of driving across the entire country this entire third-world country I realize how blessed…
2. “I believe that everyone deserves the opportunities to excel in life but that we have to take the chances to enjoy the little moments in the process”.
3. “I am Nick Hicken. I’m an advertising and analytics specialist at BlitzMetrics.