How To Use Facebook Audience Insights To Discover New Targets

In our last blog post about how to use Facebook Audience Insights, we blew the lid off how to understand the treasure trove of data available.

Today, we are building upon that to show you HOW to actually use the tool 🙂

How To Set Audiences in Facebook Audience Insights

  • In the navigation, go to Audience Insights

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  • Select ‘Everyone On Facebook’
  • Set the audience Age, Gender, and Location

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  • Set any interest targeting

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3 Audience Insight Pro Tips

#1 – Under the Advanced audience settings, you have access to eight other types of audience filters. Use this to get into people’s lives. Leverage information such as their relationship status, parental status, or even political leaning for deeper targeting.


You can pick out and analyze very precise targets

#2 – Get insights into your own Pages by adding in the Page connection filter. Please note you won’t be able to get data if the page doesn’t have enough Likes. Use this to find natural affinities between your business and other brands.

#3 – If you find an audience you want to run some ads at, use the Save button to create an official Audience asset.

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Now, you not only know how to read the data, but also how to create your own audiences that can be used in your ad campaigns. Remember, this isn’t limited to the targeting either. Take what you have learned and use it in the content of your ads as well!

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