Uploading Testimonials to Your Personal Branding Site with the Blitzmetrics Site Builder

Building a strong personal brand online involves highlighting your expertise and credibility. Positive mentions, such as testimonials from satisfied clients, endorsements from respected publications, or citations in academic research, can significantly boost your online presence.

This guide will walk you through uploading testimonials to your Blitzmetrics website to showcase the positive impact of your work.

Cleaning Up:

Before uploading your testimonials, it’s a good idea to remove any placeholder testimonials that might be present on your site. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the Testimonials page: Locate the section on your Blitzmetrics dashboard that manages testimonials. This might be labeled “Testimonials” or something similar.
  2. Select All Testimonials: There should be an option to select all existing testimonials. This might be a checkbox labeled “Select All” or a similar option.
  3. Choose the Bulk Action: Once all testimonials are selected, look for a dropdown menu with bulk actions you can perform on the selected testimonials. Choose the option labeled “Delete” or something similar.
  4. Confirm Deletion: A confirmation prompt might appear. Click “Apply” or the confirmation button to remove the placeholder testimonials.

Uploading Your Testimonials:

Now that you’ve cleared out any placeholder testimonials, it’s time to upload the positive mentions you want to showcase.

  1. Go to the Testimonials Section: Navigate back to the section on your Blitzmetrics dashboard that manages testimonials.
  2. Add a New Testimonial: Look for a button or link labeled “Add New” or something similar. This will open a page where you can upload your testimonial.
  3. Provide Details: On the new testimonial page, provide relevant details such as the name and title of the person providing the testimonial, a quote from them about their experience, and optionally a link to their website or social media profile (if applicable).

Repeat the process for each publication you want to highlight. Now visitors can easily find and learn about your contributions to the field!

Highlighting Your Expertise:

By strategically uploading positive mentions to your Blitzmetrics site, you can effectively communicate the value you bring and build trust with potential clients or collaborators.


  • Include testimonials from a variety of sources, such as clients, colleagues, or publications, to showcase the breadth of your impact.
  • Choose testimonials that speak to different aspects of your expertise or the benefits you provide.
  • Keep your testimonials concise and impactful.