Time Tracking

Time Tracking through Basecamp

Guidelines for time tracking are listed below; followed by a guide on how to enter your time and run a report to view your weekly hours.

1. All time must be logged by midnight the same day it’s completed or it does not count.

2. No time entry for a task can be logged for more than three hours in one day. It is certainly possible that a task may take time on multiple days, but that would result in multiple entries on separate days for that task.

3. Always record your time on the specific project that the work is being performed for whether for an internal project or a specific client. You may need to create a new task or even a to-do list to track you time, depending on what you’re working on. Always be specific and provide details. Tasks and your time go towards business objectives, not a personal to-do list IE: “John’s Tasks”

4. Training time is to be no more than one third of your over all time worked. It will be paid, but for every hour of training, there needs to be two hours of completed work.

Step by Step Time Entry

1. Log into http://blitzmetrics.basecamphq.com

2. Once in click on the “To‐Dos” tab, located on the top left menu

3. On this page you will see an overview of your assigned to‐dos; these are tasks you need to perform on your projects

4. Click on the link of the specific to‐do you need to enter time for (it will be the ones that highlight blue when you roll your mouse over them)

5. Once on the page of the specific to‐do, click on the clock icon next to the item you wish to add time for (if you don’t have a time icon next to your to‐do item contact your supervisor)

6. Once you click on the clock, a screen like the one above will appear. Enter the date you wish track time for. Also enter the hours that you spent on the task using the hour format “H:MM”

7. Also, provide a simple description of what you did. When entering a description of any sort, remember the KISS acronym: “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

Running a Report

1. Log into http://blitzmetrics.basecamphq.com

2. Once logged in, from the Dashboard/Main page, click “Time”.

3. On the next screen, you’ll see a summary of all hours worked. On the far right underneath All People, Search, Templates and Settings, click the “Create a Report” link.

4. You’ll see a drop down menu as well as “From” and “To” dates. Select yourself from the drop down and input the range you wish to review then click “Create Report”.

5. That’s it! The report will display all hours worked within the selected time frame.