SEO For Business:

Master SEO Fundamentals with SEMRush

  • Practical, hands-on SEO training for businesses and agencies.
  • Get proven SEO techniques from master marketer and businessman, Dennis Yu.
  • Align search goals with business goals.                                        
  • Learn to use one of the most effective search tools on the market today.

This Course will Help Your Business Profit from SEO.

You don't have to learn a bunch of jargon and complex SEO tricks and tactics to get SEO results for your business. SEO for Business breaks down the SEO strategies business owners and agencies need to know to reach their business goals. 

By the end of the course, you will have in-depth SEO knowledge that will help you:

    • Get a good overview of your site and it's goals, content, and targeting

    • Optimize your site with a strong focus on profitability and bottom lines.

    • Conduct a proper site audit and improve a site's content and usability

    • Research keywords for money and high priority pages

      • Find out where your traffic is coming from and how you can improve rank

      • Find and fix thousands of errors on your site inexpensively and without a lot of effort

      • Avoid the negative effects of bad SEO

      • Build up your site's authority and gain backlinks

      And much, much more ...

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