The Digital Plumbing Guide will teach you...

  • How to benefit from Google Tag Manager on your site
  • How to easily add Google Analytics and Google AdWords optimization data
  • The Exact Steps To Set Up a Powerful Remarketing Configuration

Google Tag Manager is a powerful first step in building data-driven marketing campaigns across your website, lead pages or ecommerce store. In this practical guide we will introduce the tools and show you how you can get started with Google Tag Manager today.

A brief overview of what Digital Plumbing does and how it can help you

Do you know where you're losing customers? Get the Digital Plumbing Guide and find out today!

Our step by step guide helps you to make sure that there are no leaks in your marketing efforts. It covers all of the foundational steps to both analyze and amplify your online marketing performance, or as we call it getting your digital plumbing in place.

When you download the guide you can also get access to our interactive training modules and quiz built straight into our free dashboard to keep track of your progress and consolidate your learning.

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If you'd rather not figure this out on your own, we would be more than happy to set up your digital plumbing for you.

Don't Take Our Word For It, Read What Others Have To Say!

Jennifer Miles Owner at Jen A Miles Consulting

I have the new pixel set up through GTM now on multiple clients but I still bought the guide to see what else I can learn. The guide is set up really well. High quality and easy to follow for anyone on the fence.

Nobody can touch your team when it comes to social.

Jason A Miller
Global Content Marketing Leader