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Snapchat Success System

Why Snapchat?

Snap ads are built upon the same principles of Facebook's ads system. If your Facebook ads are set up properly, you can follow the same 6-phase social amplification engine.

Here's Why:

  1. In Digital Plumbing, you will create web and email custom audiences with Snapchat and drive your pixels through Google Tag Manager. 
  2. You have four possible business goals in Snapchat. (impressions, swipe-ups, app instals, and autofill form completions) These are a subset of the same goals you should already have on Google and Facebook.
  3. Your Snapchat content will be videos that have already performed for you but edited down using the Snapchat publisher.
  4. Targeting on Snapchat is a substep of what Facebook offers but you still have the behavioral data, point of sale transactions, lifestyle clusters, demographics, custom audiences, friends, and Snap category targeting.
  5. Amplifying your Snapchat ads follows the same structure of Facebook with a campaign, adset and ads structure, thus, the Goals, Content, and Targeting you have set up for Facebook works beautifully on Snapchat.
  6. Optimizing Snapchat ad performance follows the same techniques as Facbook but without the power tools of Power Editor and the API. Unless you have hundreds of ads, this is not a major disadvantage.

Custom audiences = people-based marketing = remarketing = sequences across channels = word of mouth at scale.
So custom audiences allow us to market cross-channel to amplify where fans are already engaging in the stadium, in the app, in our email sequences, on our website, via our Google channels, and anywhere we can place a tag.

We have grown these audiences and nurtured them through funnel stages of awareness > engagement > conversion.The ticketing and merchandise revenue we drive is a direct function of how well we have nurtured these engagement audiences-- for example, organic efforts during the pre-season and boosted posts that have already performed well organically.

​Success with Snapchat ads is not based on how clever you are, how often you use Snapchat as a user yourself, or Snapchat specific wizardry. Rather, you are taking what's already working for your business and using Snapchat as an amplifyier for what's already working.

As long as your audiences are under 35, you are producing video that resonates with your users and have your campaings set up properly already on Facebook, then you will yeild similar if not better results on Snapchat because there's little competition on the platform right now.

I remember when Facebook ads launched ten years ago in 2007. We were buying traffic for 15 cents CPMs. (cost per thousand impressions) Today, we are paying close to $10 per thousand 

It's the same situation with Snapchat.

You might be thinking, as a busy entrepreneur, consultant, or marketer that you don't understand Snapchat, don't spend much time on Snapchat, and are not sure if you can drive business results with Snapchat. However, we're approaching this not as a Snapchat user, but using Snapchat as a business tool. So as long as we can reach our audiences, primarily custom audiences, using content we know converts and predictability with Snapchat as we do with Facebook and Google.

The key is using this 6-phase system to reliably scale out your business results.

Because Snapchat is video messaging on mobile, you will need to use the 3x3 video framework to engage and convert customers. ​

In this course, we will walk you through step-by-step how to setup your Snap ads even if you haven't run ads before or are unfamiliar with digital marketing concepts.

Included in the course:

  • A 57 page guide​ that contains detailed checklists on how to go through the 6 phases of the Snapchat Success System.
  • 36 short videos walking you through the interface in the most effective way to run and tune ads and avoid the most common problems. In total, 2.5 hours of awesomness for the busy marketer.
  • A quiz to test your skills and be able to earn a badge so that the community knows you have mastered the fundamentals of Snap ads. If you are a consultant, this badge will help you land more clients.
  • An online community of other marketers just like you where you can help each other and also collaborate with BlitzMetrics team members who will help troubleshoot your ads at no additional charge.

You could pay thousands for private consulting or waste hours reading random blogs about Snapchat ads and end up going in random circles, wasting time and wasting money.

Here are some snippets of the course so you can see for yourself (Insert)

But for $189 and a 6 hour investment,  you could have an engine that runs by itself, building traffic and conversion for you, with little maintenance.

This course is taught by the ad experts at BlitzMetrics who work closely with Google, Facebook, and Snapchat in helping optimize their ad platforms and training materials.​

We stand behind our training because it's what our internal team members used themselves to execute ad campaigns for clients.

And thus it comes with a 100% money-back guarentee. No questions asked.​

Kenny Lauer VP Marketing, Golden State Warriors

VP Marketing, Golden State Warriors

Facebook ads increase the yield of our other marketing programs. Specifically, custom audiences yeild at least a 1,000% ROAS and were as high as 4,000% during the playoffs. That means getting back $40 in revenue for every $1 spent. Lookalikes on top of custom audiences throw fuel on the fire.

Phil Mershon Social Media Examiner

Founder and CEO at The Man in the Pew Show

The future of social media marketing is bright with guys like Dennis...helping people and brands figure out how to optimize their strategies.