Social Media Day San Diego – Checklist Style!

Greetings from Social Media Day San Diego! Hope you enjoyed the presentation, and feel free to share what you’ve learned along with this list and tag us with #SMDaySD @BlitzMetrics.

As you know, Facebook is super powerful, delivering nearly magical ROI.

Retargeting via custom audiences is the core.
This is your step-by-step checklist to doing it.

Set-up Checklist 

  1. Create your Facebook and Google ads accounts, tied to Facebook Business Manager and Google MCC.
  2. Use Google Tag Manager to install a Facebook custom audience pixel site-wide. We find a setting of 180 days is the sweet spot for data collection.
  3. Enable a Google remarketing pixel (also 180 days) linked to your AdWords & Analytics account and place it via Google Tag Manager.
  4. Add in Facebook conversion tracking and Google conversion tracking.
  5. Ensure you have claimed your business’ presence on the top 5 social networks (plumbing).


  1. Choose one metric each for funnel stage: audience, engagement, and conversion (AEC).
  2. Set overall budget and percentage allocation for each funnel stage.
  3. Determine target cost per conversion.
  4. Define your mission (start with WHY).
  5. Begin your personal branding sequence— topics you stand for, which drives content.


  1. Gather supporting content at each stage of the funnel (AEC).
  2. Make sure you have at least one native video.
  3. Assemble content list of third party endorsements on external sites.
  4. Create personas for the top 3 constituents you serve, which drives targeting.
  5. Ensure you’re posting at least once per day on Facebook, even if curated content.


  1. Import your email lists into Facebook as custom audiences.
  2. Create saved target audiences– one workplace targeted audience, one job title audience, and one similar pages audience.
  3. Create 1% lookalike audience on each of the conversions you track.
  4. Create 1 day and 30 day audiences (WCA) site-wide, plus 1 day and 30 day audiences per major landing page.
  5. Create free dashboard to track analytics and ad performance at dashboard.blitzmetrics.com.

Ad creation

  1. Create boosted posts against most recent 5 Facebook posts (audience and engagement), using all saved audiences.
  2. Create dark post bidding to website clicks (CPC) for landing page, using saved audiences.
  3. Set up remarketing ads for one day landing page abandoners via Google and Facebook.
  4. Set up email and search remarketing in Facebook and Google using utm parameters (CIDs, if you have Omniture).
  5. Create media inception ads using the “Facebook for $1 a day” strategy.

Campaign Optimization (once a week)

  1. Add in new posts from the past week into existing ad groups via “create similar ad”– winner stay on.
  2. Create new saved target audiences based on what interests are converting via Audience Insights.
  3. For conversions events that have at least 20 conversions in the last month, switch bidding from website clicks (CPC) to website conversions.
  4. Fill out weekly performance report template to summarize performance of content and targeting against your goals.
  5. Increase/decrease budgets by ad set and channel based on performance.
There you have it.

6 checklists of 5 tasks each for a total of 30 tasks.

Might seem like a lot, but if you’ve got an existing business that already has conversions, you should be able to get through this in 10-15 hours of effort.
We’ve simplified this as much as we believe is possible without stripping away any critical elements.
This will work for even tiny start-ups, provided the founder is full-time, has an existing product, and is driving at least a thousand visits a month.

The key is remarketing off your website traffic and tying in your email lists, since Facebook is an amplifier.