The Social Amplification Engine:
MICRO Course Bundle Offer

See what Dennis has to say...

We will teach you how to follow proven processes to increase your visibility, grow your awareness, supercharge engagement, drive leads, and end-conversion goals.

 Go beyond just a single channel to take advantage of cross- channel marketing.

Want to know how we drove a 36x ROAS for the Golden State Warriors or a 20x ROAS for Ashley Furniture? 

The most important component to driving results isn't working hard or even experience.

It's about your PROCESS and APPROACH.

We've developed a 6 stage process for running ads called the Social Amplification Engine.

Get all 6 of our micro-courses that make up the Social Amplification Engine. Normally, each one costs $25 each ($150 for the bundle) but we want you to put all 6 of these together, so we are offering them all to you at a discounted price of $97.

Our Micro-Course make up the basic fundamentals of the Social Amplification Engine so you can get started on driving sustainable results. 

You'll recieve the Digital Plumbing Micro Course, Goals-Standards of Excellence Course, Content Micro Course, Micro Targeting Course, Amplification Micro Course, and the Micro Optimization Course. 

Think you can implement all of this without training?

How about all of this? 

Google Tag Manager Set-Up

Create a Facebook Page

Facebook Ad Account Set-Up

Facebook Pixel Set-Up

Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager Implementation

Google Analytics Set-Up

Google Analytics Implementation

Google AdWords Sign-Up

Google AdWords Implementation

3 Types of Content

4 Components of the one-minute video


Examples of WHY, HOW, WHAT Content

Examples of WHY Interviews


Three tiers of Video Length

FB Ad Specs

Boosting Posts

Amplifying at the Campaign Level

Amplifying at the Ad Set Level

Amplifying at the Ad Level

Facebook Naming Convention

3 Types Of Audience

Combo Audiences

Saved Audiences

Custom Audiences

Metrics Decomposition

Balancing Metrics

Metrics, Analysis, Action (MAA)

Breaking Down Goals: Mission and Metrics

Standard of Excellence Overview

Facebook Page Standards of Excellence

Video Standards of Excellence

9 Critical Video Metrics and How to Use Them to Improve Your Business

Funnel Standards of Excellence

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who is  IMPLEMENTING digital marketing, such as specialists and VAs.  Business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing leaders will want to buy these MICRO courses for their staff and contractors to implement. But they can also buy to understand the specific steps on how to implement the fundamentals or if they are a hands-on small business.

We do have PRO level versions of our courses at $189 each, which are for sophisticated companies at the enterprise or national level-- not the MICRO courses that are for small business and local.

For just $97, you can get all 6 MICRO courses that make up the Social Amplification Engine. Each of these course alone cost $25 each. So you are saving 

I've ordered now what?

Congratulations, you have taken an important step in getting the fundamental requirements completed. Head over to our BlitzMetrics Academy and start going through the MICRO courses and implement the Social Amplification Engine today!  

Heather Dopson Community Builder at GoDaddy

Ok, my peeps. If you want the absolute BEST training in the world when it comes to personal branding, building your sales funnel, using social ads and so much more, the BlitzMetrics workshop with Dennis Yu is THE place to get it.

Isaac Irvine GoDaddy

I just found out I was accepted as one of the speakers at WordCamp Atlanta in March. I'm super stoked about it. I gotta say, this system works.

Kenny Lauer VP Marketing, Golden State Warriors

VP Marketing, Golden State Warriors

Facebook ads increase the yield of our other marketing programs. Specifically, custom audiences yeild at least a 1,000% ROAS and were as high as 4,000% during the playoffs. That means getting back $40 in revenue for every $1 spent. Lookalikes on top of custom audiences throw fuel on the fire.

Andrea Vahl Social Media Consultant, Facebook Advertising Specialist, and Author

Andrea Vahl, Inc

Dennis Yu rocks!

Michael Melaro Director of Marketing at The Wellsville Group

Our company spent the money for the power hour and it launched us into a new process that has saved nearly $1,000,000 in wasted ad spend to date. If you ask me, $1,000 is the steal of a lifetime.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer

Dennis really is the go-to for all things Facebook.

Eric Ludwig Former Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at Rosetta Stone

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Rosetta Stone

Who’s better than Dennis Yu? If someone meets that person, please introduce me to them.

Jason Miller Global Content Marketing & Social Media Leader at LinkedIn,

Dennis Yu and Logan Young - Masters of all things FB ads.

Jeremy Miller Director of Marketing at SnapShyft

The best decision I made to building my career or building my personal brand was earning knowledge and mentorship from Dennis Yu and his company.

Scott Rawcliffe Revera Health

Working with the team at BlitzMetrics has been the best investment I’ve made all year in my business.

Alison J. Herzog, MBA Marketing Executive at Dell

Driving business impact through social + big data mapped to an enhanced customer experience

Dennis is indeed the man! The absolute real deal!

Rich Castellano, Author, Founder

Author, Founder Image Lift, Speaker, LinkedIn LION

I love Dennis – He is Brilliant and has given me very valuable insight for our social media – Thank you for your support!!!

Phil Mershon Social Media Examiner

Founder and CEO at The Man in the Pew Show

The future of social media marketing is bright with guys like Dennis...helping people and brands figure out how to optimize their strategies.

Larry Kim Founder of WordStream, Inc.

Founder of WordStream, Inc

Dennis Yu is incredibly knowledgeable about Facebook ads. Follow him immediately!

Mari Smith Facebook Marketing Expert

Dennis Yu is the King of Facebook ads.