QuickStart Express

Facebook Ads Done For You

QuickStart Express: Small Business

For $5,000, you can have a full Facebook ads implementation.

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Our Implementation Process


You give us access to your Facebook page and ads account. After you qualify we’ll assign you an analyst to create and iterate on your campaigns.


After we have access to your accounts, we schedule a strategy call to talk about your story, mission, and goals.


You continue to publish regular content to nurture your audience as we begin to amplify your existing marketing efforts, content, email lists, and web traffic.


We implement the targeting and amplification strategy with data from your site and social audiences.

Ads Creation

Based on your goals, content, and targeting, we build out your campaigns across the key networks.

Ads Optimization

We continue to expand and improve on your ads as we go through optimization cycles to make sure your ads are performing well.

“Alex is a Facebook ads legend. The end.”

Mari Smith, Mari Smith International

“The BlitzMetrics team exceeded our expectations wildly and assisted us in igniting our fan growth to the extent that it is now making a material impact on business.”

Eric Ludwig, Rosetta Stone

“Working with the team at BlitzMetrics has been the best investment I’ve made all year in my business.”

Scott Rawcliffe, Revera Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?Small business owners and entrepreneurs who have an existing business generating at least $250,000 in annual revenue and would like expert help in implementing their Facebook ad campaigns.This is not for companies that have a marketing department or work with multiple agencies, we designed it to interact with just one person. This is not for business that are just launching, as we need to know the attributes of people who are already buying. If you are selling MLM, adult, gambling, wealth-creation or related products, this package is not for you. Agencies are okay.

How long does it take to generate results?This is a 6 week program. Week 1 is set-up. Week 2 is goal-setting. By week 3, you should be seeing significant improvement in your newsfeed reach, engagement, and fan growth. Weeks 4 and 5 are optimization of campaign structures based on what is working. The amount of time to see significant revenue enhancement depends on the complexity of your sales cycle and your content effectiveness. If you’re in B2B and see 5-6 month cycles, you can expect the same timeframe in social, if not slightly longer. You’re not likely to see instant revenue in social, as it takes time to build awareness, generate engagement, amplify word of mouth, and capture the user at the moment of demand. It’s a long-term investment.

What do you need me to do?We have a simple 7 step setup checklist to guide you through how to grant us access. Then we need you for two brief meetings at week 2 and at week 6. In-between, we are building and tuning your campaigns for you. Sometimes we’ll have suggestions for you on how to tweak your content, Facebook page set-up, or website. Content will always be in your court, as you are the expert in what you do. We are here to amplify it to the right audience to drive awareness, engagement, and conversion. We prefer that you have an email list, but if not, it’s okay.

What does it cost?$5,000 is the price of the QuickStart Express for Facebook Ads. This price does not include the cost of buying the traffic from Facebook, Google, or other networks. That’s on your card. So you should have an on-going budget of at least $5,000 a month across Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn (if applicable), to keep the campaigns going once we’re done.

What happens when we’re done?We’ve designed the system to be nearly autonomous. In other words, you won’t need to touch anything. As customers flow through the stages of awareness, engagement, and conversion, our ads will automatically pick them up. You may need to do some light maintenance if you have some ad disapprovals. Or you may want us to continue to expand your campaigns into other products, regions, landing pages, and customer segments. We offer on-going management at 10% of your ad spend with a $750 minimum monthly fee.

What if I’m an enterprise client with more sophisticated needs?We offer standard and premium packages for companies that need greater support, training, and campaign tuning. These include on-site work with our top optimizers.

I want to work for you guys implementing campaigns, what should I do?Demonstrate you have professional skills by completing the certification from our course, write a blog post showing your expertise, and let us know about it.