Power Hour with Daniel Goodrich

In the Power Hour we...

  • Review your assets to see what’s working and what may need some work
  • Dive into your campaigns to evaluate ad performance and identify places you could improve
  • Make suggestions for moving forward based on your goals, content and targeting

Digital marketing has a lot of moving parts. Without proper digital plumbing in place, you will be unable to see how those pieces interact and make informed decisions. With everything in the industry constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up, especially when you’re trying to run all other aspects of a business.

With a Power Hour, Daniel, our expert in digital plumbing, will help you get things back on track. He’ll walk through anything you may have concerns about and even help identify things you may not have known were broken.

With your digital plumbing in place, remarketing audiences, website analytics, and data driven decision making will help you grow your business.

Before the Power Hour, you will define your goals, content, and targeting for us to review. This helps us make sure we have the info Daniel needs on the call. Daniel will then prepare a one page plumbing audit, exploring the current state of your plumbing.

Once those things are completed, we’ll set a time to go over this plumbing audit and discuss anything you would like to talk about. We’ll record both the audio and any shared screens so you can have a copy of the whole thing after it’s done.

For $325, you can leverage Daniel’s knowledge and experience, and save yourself weeks or months of making mistakes stemming from incorrect tracking.

"Great call with Daniel - 
dude is sharp and super helpful."

  -Tim Hargis, West Equity