Content Strategy Package

What is the Premium Content Strategy Package?

For only $5,000, Here' s what you can expect every week for 6 weeks:

  • Week 1: Access Checklist -- get access to FB page, FB ads account, Twitter ads, YouTube, GA, etc. Then we can set a baseline on current traffic levels and be able to start measuring.
  • Week 2: Content Library -- Start assembling everything you have ever produced, been interviewed on, articles you have written, shows you have been on, speaker reels you have, high authority social mentions, etc.
  • Week 3: Topic Wheel -- Choose 6 topics (you can change your mind later, as this is a starting point) and associate content from the Content Library into these buckets (starting with the top 3 pieces in each topic, so we have 18 total).
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    Week 4: Network Mapping -- Associate the top 3 people of authority in each topic, who you may or may not know. We can now start to see where you have the most authority, and the alignment of who, where, and what. 
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    Week 5: Post Boosting -- We start to boost for $1 a day on the top 18 pieces of content to test what content resonates against which audiences. When we have saved audiences by figurehead from the Network Mapping, we have high relevance.
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    Week 6: Success Tracker -- what's working, what's not working, and why. We'll get with you to help figure it out.
Heather Dopson Community Builder at GoDaddy

Ok, my peeps. If you want the absolute BEST training in the world when it comes to personal branding, building your sales funnel, using social ads and so much more, the BlitzMetrics workshop with Dennis Yu is THE place to get it.

Isaac Irvine GoDaddy

I just found out I was accepted as one of the speakers at WordCamp Atlanta in March. I'm super stoked about it. I gotta say, this system works.

Scott Rawcliffe Revera Health

Working with the team at BlitzMetrics has been the best investment I’ve made all year in my business.

Eric Ludwig Rosetta Stone

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Rosetta Stone

The BlitzMetrics team exceeded our expectations wildly and assisted us in igniting our fan growth to the extent that it is now making a material impact on business.