Take Control of Your Own Marketing:

Hold Your Marketing Team Accountable

  • Market your business more effectively.
  • Learn the five steps that will revolutionize your business's marketing prowess
  • Supercharge your marketing game.
  • Harness the power of young talent.


  • Gain hands-on experience in marketing, which will make you a more valuable employee or entrepreneur.
  • Get the ultimate guide to taking charge of your marketing using the Content Factory.    
Own Your Own Marketing

This service will Help You Take Control of Your Marketing

Gain control over your digital kingdom by accessing your web, social, and email assets. Ownership is key. Delve into the spending and change history within your ad accounts. Gauge success and adjust strategies. 


    • Step 1: Access all your assets (web, social, email).

    • Step 2: Look at the spending and change history in ad accounts.

    • Step 3: Establish “Metrics, Analysis, and Action” performance reporting.

      • Step 4: Ensure clear functional SOPs (The Content Factory).

      • Step 5: Staff up functions with VAs and/or agencies.



      And much, much more ...

      Own Your Own Marketing

      The Benefits of Owning Your Own Marketing

      Here is why Owning Your Own Marketing matters:

      1. Control and Agility: Owning your marketing grants you full control over your brand's messaging, strategies, and tactics. As a business owner, you can swiftly adapt to market changes, emerging trends, and customer feedback. This agility empowers you to make real-time adjustments and seize opportunities, ensuring your marketing efforts remain aligned with your business goals.

      2. Transparency and Accountability:
      Taking charge of your marketing activities fosters transparency and accountability. You can directly access and assess the performance data, ensuring that the insights you receive are accurate and actionable. This transparency minimizes miscommunications and allows for informed decision-making, enabling you to optimize campaigns and achieve measurable results.

      3. Long-Term Value and Learning:
      Engaging in your marketing activities provides you with a deep understanding of your audience, their preferences, and the strategies that resonate with them. This knowledge becomes an invaluable asset, shaping your long-term marketing approach and driving sustainable growth. Additionally, your involvement cultivates a culture of continuous learning, equipping you with the skills to evolve your marketing strategies as your business evolves.

      How You Can Own Your Own Marketing

      🎯 Step 1: Access all your assets (web, social, email)

      Gain control over your digital kingdom by accessing your web, social, and email assets. Ownership is key; ensure you have all necessary login details and permissions. This step empowers you to make informed decisions about your online presence, setting the foundation for a fruitful partnership.

      💡 Step 2: Look at the spending and change history in ad accounts

      Delve into the spending and change history within your ad accounts. This retrospective analysis reveals patterns, successes, and room for optimization. Understanding your past ad campaigns equips you to strategize effectively with your agency, aligning efforts for maximum ROI.

      📊 Step 3: Establish “Metrics, Analysis, and Action” performance reporting

      Set up a structured MAA performance reporting system. Regularly review key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge success and adjust strategies. Data-driven insights from the MAA empower collaborative decision-making, enabling you to refine your approach and amplify results.

      Step 4: Ensure clear functional SOPs ( The Content Factory)

      Craft comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) tailored to your unique business functions. These SOPs, reminiscent of The Content Factory's streamlined approach, ensure everyone knows their roles, fostering efficient teamwork. Clear processes enhance communication, accountability, and overall campaign effectiveness.

      🧑‍💼 Step 5: Staff up functions with VAs and/or agencies

      Strategically augment your team's capabilities by staffing functions with Virtual Assistants (VAs) and/or specialized agencies. While VAs can handle routine tasks, agencies offer expertise in various marketing facets. Efficiently allocate responsibilities, utilizing the strengths of both VAs and agencies to achieve cohesive, high-impact campaigns.

      🎩 Dennis's Wisdom: Navigating the Friction

      Clear communication and structured processes are your compass. Like a pilot's pre-flight checklist, ensure your marketing operations run smoothly and soar to new heights.

      How Do You Hold Your Marketing Team Accountable?

      Let a master marketer, businessman, and analytics designer show you how! 

      Dennis e1642705817335


      Dennis Yu built the internal Analytics at Yahoo! and has been teaching business and digital marketing for over 13 years.

      He is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken countless times in 17 countries, spanning five continents including keynote events at L2E, PubCon, Digital Agency Expo, Marketo Summit, and B2C Growth & Innovation Virtual Summit.

      Using the Content Factory, the ultimate method to get multiple assets out all at once– repurposed across multiple channels. It’s not a single piece of software or an agency you can hire– but a process that can be customized to multiply assets and get the most out of existing tools.

      Dennis walks students through how to move your business forward, taking the content you already have on your site. 


      Marko Sipila Square


      Marko Sipila, the Founder and CEO of Own Your Own Marketing, is a visionary leader with a decade-long track record in digital marketing. He is the co-founder of ServiceLegend, who also owns a home service business called Allstate Coatings as well as being one of the top industry experts in SEO, having helped dozens of small business owners flood their calendars with their perfect customers.

      He has empowered businesses to excel in the digital age by crafting tailored strategies. Marko's agency stands out for its data-driven, user-centric approach, fostering transparent collaboration between clients and teams. A prominent speaker and mentor, Marko ensures his impact extends beyond his agency, nurturing both industry growth and emerging talent.

      Through his innovative strategies, Marko Sipila continues to reshape the marketing landscape, propelling businesses toward sustained growth and success.


      More strategies to teach how to get real business results.

      Many businesses find themselves entrusting their marketing to external agencies, often resulting in limited control and transparency. Our approach empowers business owners to regain control of their marketing strategies. By gaining access to all your assets, understanding ad spend history, establishing performance reporting, implementing clear standard operating procedures (SOPs), and strategically staffing functions with virtual assistants or agencies, you can steer your marketing efforts in alignment with your business objectives. Don't let your marketing be a black box—take charge and maximize your results.


      Right Now is the best time for businesses to learn to own their own marketing. Online marketing has exploded in the last few years because of all the shake-ups in the economy. Search is the new marketplace and it's up to businesses to learn this new medium of business in order to compete and win. 

      Own Your Own Marketing brings together methodology and practice to help you immediately start optimizing your business marketing

      Video Lessons

      Checklists and
      hands-on exercises

      Tools and Training

      WHO IS THIS FOR: Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to learn how to do their own marketing. People who want to save money on marketing or who want to learn how to do it themselves. People who are comfortable learning new things and doing things themselves.

      WHO IS THIS NOT FOR: People who are looking for a quick and easy solution to their marketing problems. People who are not willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to do marketing themselves. People who are not comfortable learning new things or doing things themselves.

      WHAT DO WE DO: We offer tools Intensive for all small and medium businesses to help them take control of their own marketing.  We will help you achieve sustainable growth in the competitive residential market. Hold the staff you have selected or the marketing agency you hired accountable.

      WHAT DO WE NOT DO: We do not guarantee that you will succeed in your business.

      WHY: There is no better time for your business to thrive online, and this is the marketing coaching program to help you do it. 

      HOW: Click the link below to register and start to own your own marketing today!

      Where You Should Start:

       Select a day-to-day project manager to manage the overall process. Select a day-to-day project manager to oversee the entire process, including planning, coordination, monitoring, and optimization of the Dollar A Day Strategy. This person can be

      ✅ Hire/Select a young adult to go through the Dollar A Day training. The selected/hired individual should possess the skills to optimize social media presence, create engaging content, and understand the dynamics of cross-channel marketing. This will enable them to maximize the impact of the Dollar A Day strategy.

            An existing employee.

            Part-time college kid.

            A young member of your community.

            A curious mind who is eager to explore.


      Discover Our Tailored Program for Agency Owners:

      Here's a truth bomb: Just because there's a crowd of agencies hanging around doesn't mean they're doing it right. In fact, many are just floating along, clueless.

      We coach through Digital Marketers (a community of digital marketing experts) and surprisingly, countless agencies out there still stumble in the dark, unaware of the untapped potential they're sitting on. Niche? Never heard of it. They might excel at building snazzy websites, but what about the rest?

      As social channels chatter and tools multiply, we're inching closer to genuine, meaningful conversations. The irony? Long before the internet, you'd chat with your corner store owner, and they'd know your story. It's déjà vu, but in a digital realm.

      So, my friend, if you're ready to ride the wave, don't hesitate. Starting an agency isn't about hurdles—it's about seizing untapped realms and embracing a world that's craving authentic connections.

      Why You Should have a Team Member Run The Content Factory

      Are you working on your business instead of in your business? 

      Jacob Hastings serves as our shining example of the young leader that every local business needs to hire, as he has helped numerous clients successfully implement The Content Factory.

      If you would like to hire a Virtual Assistant from anywhere around the world, we have a 6-step hiring process that can efficiently and effectively help you find the right candidate to support your business goals.

      Tap into the strengths of young adults and observe a transformative shift in how you direct your marketing efforts

      Liberate yourself from the misconception that only you possess the magic touch for vital business functions. Entrust tasks to adept young adults.

      Our philosophy upholds grit, authenticity, and innovative thinking, placing these above mere experience. Bid farewell to restrictive beliefs and plunge into the limitless potential of a dynamic team. With the right team onboard, your business not only flourishes and evolves but also empowers you to magnify momentum in your intended direction.

      Now, embrace a fresh perspective—an infusion of youthful expertise driving your marketing strategy. Take a step back from the daily routine and envision the leaps this influx of talent can bring. Release constraints, nurture advancement, and fundamentally reshape your business's path.

      Watch: Darryl Isaacs’ content manager application video:

      🔥 Delve Into Our Digital Marketing Training System

      The education system's been missing the memo on modern marketing, leaving businesses yearning for top-tier talent. We're rewriting the playbook. Picture this: we're fusing academia and industry, infusing live marketing campaigns and training right into the curriculum. Say goodbye to mundane readings and hello to real-world action that'll have you mastering marketing maneuvers like a pro ✈️

      We’ve designed a Digital Marketing Training System that is specifically for those who want to work in a field they’re passionate about. By becoming a digital marketing specialist in our program, you or the young adult you choose will have all the knowledge you need to show that you’re of value to potential employers. Whether you want to work for us or for someone else, we’ll help you get there.


      🚀 It's More Than Just a Course

      We've crafted an epic journey where students become true marketing mavericks. Think online courses that give you the digital marketing lowdown, snagging those shiny certifications that'll make your LinkedIn profile pop.


      🎯 Mixing and Remixing the Learning Cocktail

      Picture this: you're getting primo insights from the big guns – digital marketing champs from Facebook, Google, and more. We've got a blend of self-paced online lessons, senior specialists dishing out their secret sauce, and in-your-face seminars that'll make your head spin (in a good way, I promise).


      🌟 Big Names, Big Impact

      Now, here's the real kicker – we're teaming up with the heavyweights in the game. Think Google, Facebook, and a bunch of other marketing powerhouses. They're not just sitting on the sidelines, my friends. They're throwing their weight behind us, showering students and universities with resources that'll make your textbooks jealous.


      💡 Your Path to Unstoppable Success

      Our mission isn't just about education – it's about creating opportunities. We're talking implementation packages that tie directly to those hard-earned certifications. And guess what? We're not leaving our rockstars hanging. We're kickstarting a pay scale that rewards your hustle – it climbs with every level you conquer. Cha-ching!

      📚 Harmony of Learning


      For students who are interested in advanced Digital Marketing. our training system isn't just a platform, it's your journey, whether you're learning from our courses or composing your path. The possibilities are epic.

      Are you ready to reshape the marketing landscape? The future belongs to those who seize it, and The Content Factory is here to fuel your journey ✈️ 🎓

      Own Your Own Marketing