Nathan Ze is about to get Destroyed

This is my friend Michael Hogue. We’ve been friends for 10 years and he’s a mortgage broker and he texted me a little earlier. He said, Hey, Dennis, this company won’t give me my money back except filling out this lengthy form here’s zeal media any advice I could use some help. 

And I said, sure, send it to me. Show me what happened. there’s this guy zeal media, Nathan Ze. If you know this guy he’s about to get destroyed. 

What happened with Nathan Ze’s media?

I tell Michael don’t keep signing up, you’re a mortgage broker, don’t keep signing up for all these internet marketing people who promise the next secret, where if you just spend the $2,000, they will magically deliver amazing.

you always have to be careful about prepaying, right?

I’m only gonna prepay the whole thing if I trust him. but here he signs up for this and spends $2,100 and on top of it, $300 a month of ad spend for six months or five months. So he’s out almost $4,000, right?

Receive no leads. I could have told him this.

The cause can you imagine though, signing up for an agency, that’s gonna supposedly drive you all these leads of people that wanna get their loans financed through you? 

You’ve gotta be slightly suspicious. If all you do is pay and then you don’t have to do anything.

You don’t have to make any videos. 

You don’t have to update your website. You don’t have to get reviews. There’s no work on your part as the client and somehow if you spend this money, all these leads are gonna come. 

These warm leads are gonna come. I don’t think so. Right?

Then of course they’re saying; they won’t give you a refund unless you can jump through every single hoop here, which means you won’t be able to.

So he said I’m just not going to do all this kind of stuff. If you have concerns about the marketing materials provided by zeal, we can make adjustments. It’s all cookie-cutter content.

It’s not going to work because I know a lot about Facebook ads, the issue is not the CRM.

The issue is their system sucks, so this is all these hoops that Michael doesn’t wanna jump through also you complied with the ad spin 10 leads, but none of them were any good.

Of course, he made sure to follow up with all of them that way they couldn’t try to blame him. 

This is an example, just like the one I showed you with Aaron.


I was promised 40 booked appointments per month for five months with only $300 in ad spend. 

Do you believe that’s possible for 40 booked appointments for $300 a month? I’m pretty good and I know a lot of people were pretty good at social ads but do you think you can get qualified appointments of people that?

They went to the real estate agent. They found the house. now it’s time for the loan.

$300 a month for 40. That is $7 per book appointment means $3 per lead or maybe $2 or $3 per lead.

I just don’t think that’s possible and certainly not in his area where we’re looking at Minneapolis or any city you’re just not gonna be able to do that.

I promise you that this guy, Nathan Ze is gonna make a refund to Michael.

How about a $2,100 ad spend? Whatever that’s lost even if the ads were done poorly, I don’t think we should make Nathan have to eat the ad spend but we’re gonna make this guy give a refund.

What do you think guys think?

You have to fill out all this stuff. It’s not gonna work. This is the other side of SEO, by the way. 

Zeal Nathan zeal, first I thought they were selling diamonds. 

What kind of competition are we up against on Nathan Zeal?

When you Google somebody and you see disrupt access wire, good men project, this tells me they paid for PR. This is a PR site. You pay 20 bucks or whatever, and you can get submitted here.

This doesn’t help you with SEO

A lot of people think it does because it’s on a press release site. It’s got a domain rank of 78 but these things carry zero power. Right? You can see, they don’t carry any power here. 

No, I don’t. So this guy has paid for his PR. He doesn’t have any real PR. He’s got a paid-for article here on disrupt magazine launches, his closing guarantee for real estate agent Z media. 

The beauty is that when we do our real PR and dollar a day when we talk about what happens, we’ll crush this kind of fake PR like a wet roll of toilet paper

Good men project founder, Nathan Z. they’re trying to put their name here. He’s doing this probably because he wants to get verified so people will pay PR agencies to get distribution on sites and then submit these articles for Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes TikTok verification.

Anytime you see someone who’s a nobody, has a blue check. You can report them.

The beauty of building a personal brand is it’s the same strategy as destroying a personal brand. 

Because of the amplification of what they have said of- –  what Aaron has said of this Ze guy, we’re using their own words and the words of their customers either to amplify them or to hurt them.

It’s the same process, it’s just amazing to see that people don’t realize that online marketing is just online marketing, magic has nothing to do with the TikTok algorithm or anything like that.

What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have one of our assistants take care of this,

And then I can interview on my podcast about what happened.

I have the contracts, emails, his responses, links to the better business bureau, and these other reviews about what happened, all the stuff, and they’re pretty bad.

Guess who wrote this article? Do you think I wrote this article? It’s under my name. Do you think I wrote this article? No, I didn’t. I had our VAs do it. All this work was done by our VAs.  

It takes me more time in our office hours meeting today to explain what’s going on than me doing the work.

Isn’t that awesome, that’s why you wanna have a team of VAs doing all this kind of stuff. They did all this amazing right here it is. I’m just using dollars a day but it’s executed through VAs to be able to push things out.

Dennis Yu

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