Mission to Create Million Jobs for VAs

If you haven’t seen office hours, we have a whole session on how you do a quick audit and a whole session on how you set up a success tracker, 

Which is keeping track of everything and putting it in basecamp. So you can delegate it to other people. So I’m gonna delegate this project to other people for my mission to create jobs for our VAs.

We have 20,000 people in the Facebook group; digital marketing with Dennis Yu can you believe this?

Unbelievable. Then I’m gonna make another post in here saying, Hey guys, we just got a new client. It’s this Zach Reese. Who’s a roofer in Atlanta. And here’s the call recording.

And we go through all the stuff that we’re going to do. We’re gonna hire three people, We need, a content person. We need a video person and we need an ads person.

And if you wanna know, go through this and look at what are the different job postings. We explain how it works. Go ahead and go through the training if you’re qualified comment in the particular thread, If you qualify, we will hire you. And we’re gonna hire a bunch of people for this guy who just paid $5,000.

We’ll hire three people off of that, which is great. They’re only making $500 a month, but that’s okay.

$500 a month for six weeks, that’ll cost us $4,000, right? Which is fine.

Helping People for Mission to Create jobs

I really wanna help people for the mission to create a million jobs. I lived in Pakistan. I understand, you know, what it is, feel free to use me.


We’re gonna get them trained. They’re gonna work on these guys and it’s gonna be fully transparent. This is not something where we’re like charging some premium price and then paying just a few dollars and pocketing all the money. We’re paying out every dollar that’s coming in.

I’m not making any money. We’re a nonprofit but I don’t wanna be categorized. I’m obviously not doing this for the money, but look at how awesome this is when I can see a Jorge or a Carl smile and I see these things work and we’re able to create jobs at the same time.

Isn’t that awesome? There’s nothing better than that. 

Whatever faith you have, I believe God has given us a ministry, and whatever gifts, the fruit of the spirit that you have, you should leverage your gift, whatever gift you’ve been given, and put it out there.

When God supports you, you can’t lose because you, God’s stronger than all these other people. They can do whatever they want. Doesn’t matter. 

When we build lighthouses and we are saying, look, this is what we’re doing together and we’re demonstrating how we do the stuff in the open, which then attracts more people that wanna work with us.

We can then reliably deliver because we can scale as we have these large audiences of people, right? 

We can deliver against it. It’s not just like one guy. Who’s selling all he does is sell. I showed you  Aaron all this guy. He’s a one-man show.

And all he does is sell. He has no delivery. Right? as you can be so good at selling, but I feel like if you don’t have the other side where you’re focusing on your SOPs and how everything’s being done and these we’re putting together in actual courses.

I had a call last night with fibers in Israel. This is what we had last night. So last night, I’m not even making this up. I’ll tell you one last thing. I hope this doesn’t come off as boasting. No one is ever gonna tell you this. 

So there is this guy and he’s responsible for the seller community, there are buyers and sellers. So the sellers are the freelancers that are doing the work.

And. This is our call from yesterday.

So he reached out and said, Hey, I’m in charge of the seller community of all the freelancers, do you think maybe we could collaborate? And I said, well, absolutely right.

Love to do this webinar. Love to do this because initially he proposed a webinar and he said, I saw your classes on Fiverr and they’re really good. And people will send me screenshots every day or so saying, Hey Dennis, I see you on the Fiverr site. They’re promoting you, I’m like, great.

And I wanna meet him in Israel. We’re gonna do a holy land trip and then I sent it to our freelancers and said “Hey, send them some socks”

If you’re a freelancer, you get a personal brand foundation, producer content generates leads. So that’s the same 90-day thing. I just showed you. We’re reskinning. That same thing. Notice the theme here is that the lighthouses I’m maintaining each of the relationships but I’m running them through the same process and I’m not doing it in a cookie cutter way.

It’s still thoughtful, but it’s still the same process. That makes sense. Right. So then I bring in Rehan Allahwala, who is the guy in Pakistan.

We’re both talking about the same thing– how do you earn a hundred thousand rupees a month, which is $500? 

He has 12 million followers. It’s pretty awesome. Right? 

Any time I get a shout-out from him, I get another 3000 followers. It’s insane, you could literally just come here and like search from when he mentions me every time I get a shout-out.

It’s ridiculous. He joined our little Facebook live. Talked about this thing. I’m making videos, honoring him. He printed a poster to greet me at the airport- – it’s nuts. 

He wants me to come back to Pakistan. So I’ll be back in two months. I have a lot of friends in Pakistan. He said, Dennis if we’re my objective to be transparent is to grow roots.

So that you will wanna come back, you build these friendships, I’m gonna give you a couple hundred thousand people in your group to follow you. And that way you will be tied in with this group.

I said, Yes, absolutely. Bring them on, love to do it.

So you can see the lighthouse strategy requires having connections on the client side, attracting the demand and also on the supply side– – which is getting the work done.

So what we told our friends is here are things that we need to do to grow our brands, to do e-commerce, just showing proof that I’m not just making it up. 

We need people to be able to process these last three stages in the content factory;

In the first stage, content production, I think all of us need to make our own content or co-create content with other people. 

And then all of the asset production – which is the editing, repurposing, posting on multiple places, distribution, and amplification, a dollar a day can be done by people in fiber.

So this creates jobs, the more content we produce, the more clients we have the more channels. 

There is more testing we’re doing. The more we need people in our content factory.

So it can be done by these VAs smart process and software, these different pieces. 

That’s what I wanted to share about a lighthouse.

I wanna show you both sides on the supply and demand side. I wanna show you how a lighthouse can create tons of inbound, tons of sales, leads, and authority.

But if you also abuse this and you hurt other people like this Aaron Goda guy– then a lighthouse will burn you just as well. 

It’s like a magnifying glass. It can cook the steak, but it can also burn you. 

I will do anything for our people, whatever it takes. 

I’m not in this for the money. Like whatever it takes to take care of our people I’m there. I don’t care what it costs. Matthew called me when I was at the amusement park yesterday and he said he has a friend. Who’s a very successful entrepreneur.

I won’t give you his name out of privacy but he has stage three prostate cancer. And you know–  that’s just a real bummer, but he’s gonna come out here to Vegas and we’re gonna get him some cocoon bats. 

And I’m gonna introduce him to Dr. Ly. So cocoon, in addition to everything else you need to be doing to fight cancer.

And I told Matthew yesterday, I said, there’s nothing more important than saving people’s lives. I’ll do anything. I’ll I will fight. I am the most loyal friend you’ll ever find. I’ll always be there. I don’t care if the internet goes out or if I’m sick, I’m always there. Never too busy. So you guys are here.

So one of my friends told me that have a coach for large publications.

He was doing the work. He was, he was doing the work and he wasn’t in every single publication.

So this guy shares the emails from the editors, shares the denial, and shares the approval.

But even though he was working, he knew this is gonna work, he wasn’t blown up. 

And out of nowhere, I wanna say about 90 days ago. This guy blew up. He’s getting assigned from all these big places.

CNBC Just assigned him an article he’s verified on Twitter, all this stuff happened and it was all organic and I’m so crazy excited for him that this is happening but also super inspired because those are the people that you want. It’s not just how much they’re making or what they’re doing.

If somebody is transparent with you and shows you the things that nobody else does, you never leave that person’s side. 

It is such a privilege. 

I just wanna say that nobody has that overnight success. You do blow up in the eyes of the public but it is never an overnight success. 

And so for all of us, we just keep working the planning and that day’s gonna come for each of us or those moments.

You should leverage your blue check, get all the right people to feature the right stories, pitch large publications, build authority, and can elevate other people along the way.

And in preparation for that if you haven’t already assembled your topic wheel, which is the six topics, then the three people that you know associated with those six topics, and then the content on the far outside.

I understand with PR there’s a lot of outreach and a lot of pitching going on but why not leverage the publications that you have?

Why not leverage the authorship and contribute the accounts you currently have and put content out there then these other folks will notice you and they’ll ask you to speak.

They’ll ask you to write articles, you just have to pitch the editors as they want. 

Someone reached out to me and called the journal this morning. I looked at their stuff and the level of quality there is absolutely fantastic, it’s high SEO powered. This is absolutely nuts. 

And another one that reached out to this guy. Invitation to this top 500 global brand rankings thing. Now, this is one of the top Chinese companies but if you look at the people that are authoritative in measuring who’s strong in branding and global brand ranking.

Here comes a question;

Can we leverage off of partners and vendors that we work with on major outages and made good relationships?

Absolutely. Yes. Interview them as part of your podcast, 80% of these guys will say yes. 

It’s a slam dunk. It’s a no-brainer.

Dennis Yu

About the Author

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is co-author of the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in social media, The Definitive Guide to TikTok Ads.  He has spent a billion dollars on Facebook ads across his agencies and agencies he advises. Mr. Yu is the "million jobs" guy-- on a mission to create one million jobs via hands-on social media training, partnering with universities and professional organizations.

You can find him quoted in major publications and on television such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, and LA Times. Clients have included Nike, Red Bull, the Golden State Warriors, Ashley Furniture, Quiznos-- down to local service businesses like real estate agents and dentists. He's spoken at over 750 conferences in 20 countries, having flown over 6 million miles in the last 30 years to train up young adults and business owners. He speaks for free as long as the organization believes in the job-creation mission and covers business class travel.

You can find him hiking tall mountains, eating chicken wings, and taking Kaqun oxygen baths-- likely in a city near you.