The BlitzMetrics Micro Optimization Course

Why is Optimization important?

In digital marketing, there is no penalty for taking many shots on goal. We learn quickly and constantly iterate. We expect failure 90% of the time.
This guide will help you efficiently go through this testing cycle via a framework called MAA (Metrics > Analysis > Action) in conjunction with CID (Communicate > Iterate > Delegate).

In optimization, you’re using data to answer these questions:

  • How are my different marketing channels performing relative to one another - and where am I bleeding?

  • What is the right amount of effort and spend to place on Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Search Enging Optimization, Facebook Campaigns, and Social Media?

  • How much provable profit, Return of Investment, and margin are being generated by each of my marketing campaigns?

  • Based on the data, what are the top 10 specific things that my organization can do to improve the metrics?

The Optimization Course will help you answer these questions and learn the best methods to maximize value. 

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Jennifer Miles Owner at Jen A Miles Consulting

The guide is set up really well. High quality and easy to follow for anyone on the fence.

Nobody can touch your team (BlitzMetrics) when it comes to social.

Jason A Miller
Global Content Marketing Leader