The BlitzMetrics Micro Digital Plumbing Course

Do you want Facebook to act as an impressive DFY machine? Where you input your Campaign Goals and it gets you the results.

You need to work with Facebooks Algorithm instead of against it? Consider the Algorithm like a dispenser in a video game that rewards you for feeding it. 

As you pour data into this dispenser you get more points. 

Facebook has said you need to get 25-50 conversions per Ad Set per Week for their Algorithms to optimize at an efficient level. 

When you feed the Algorithm Dispenser enough Data Facebook begins to do all the hard work for you. 

They optimize, 

  • What time of day to show your content
  • On what device (iphone, android, desktop, ipad, etc.) your content works best on
  • Sub-targeting (if your audience is big they can't serve ads to every person, so within an audience they sub-target to people most likely to convert)
  • What locations within your DMA to target
  • Etc. 

So how can you get Facebook to do all this optimizing work FOR you?

It all starts with Digital Plumbing. 

This is more than just placing a Facebook pixel on your site. This Micro-Plumbing Course will teach you the proper setup for your Social Assets and how you should configure all your tracking to optimize for two things:

1. Data Collection

2. Site Speed

Consider Plumbing as the foundation you need to have prior to running/scaling successful campaigns on Social. 

Tracking can be confusing so we've broken it down and made it simple in our course. 

We have a series of videos showing you step-by-step where to click and how to set everything up properly. 

Heather Dopson Community Builder at GoDaddy

Ok, my peeps. If you want the absolute BEST training in the world when it comes to personal branding, building your sales funnel, using social ads and so much more, the BlitzMetrics workshop with Dennis Yu is THE place to get it.

Isaac Irvine GoDaddy

I just found out I was accepted as one of the speakers at WordCamp Atlanta in March. I'm super stoked about it. I gotta say, this system works.

Scott Rawcliffe Revera Health

Working with the team at BlitzMetrics has been the best investment I’ve made all year in my business.

Andrew Metal

Dennis Yu and Logan Young are two of the top 10 personal branding experts to follow.

Eric Ludwig Rosetta Stone

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Rosetta Stone

The BlitzMetrics team exceeded our expectations wildly and assisted us in igniting our fan growth to the extent that it is now making a material impact on business.

Paul Fabretti Director, Social Media - Office Marketing at Microsoft

Office Marketing at Microsoft

Dennis shows again, why he’s not only one of the smartest but most generous people I know. Even if you know a ton, this is really valuable.

Eric Ludwig Former Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at Rosetta Stone

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Rosetta Stone

Who’s better than Dennis Yu? If someone meets that person, please introduce me to them.

Mari Smith Facebook Marketing Expert

Dennis Yu is the King of Facebook ads.

Kenny Lauer Lead Marketing and Digital @ Golden State Warriors

Lead Marketing and Digital Experiences @ Golden State Warriors

Dennis has not only been amazing with us at the Warriors, but someone I consider a great friend.

Rich Thurman Founder/Owner of Think, Automate & Grow

Think, Automate, Grow University of Phoenix

Not gonna lie, Dennis Yu, in the span of just an hour, dropped some knowledge that will change the entire course of my future! #genius