How to setup Media Room in Signal Genesys

This guide will teach you the process of creating a Media Room in Signal Genesys.

This process will be initiated after the process for setting up the client account has been completed and the Media Room component enabled.

There are three methods or options for setting up Media Rooms:

  1. Branded Domain;
  2. Hosted Domain, and
  3. Branded Integration.

The options vary depending upon the type of subscription. For free accounts, only the third option is available.

Branded Domain:

  1. Open the Entities screen by clicking on the Entities Menu. In the list, click on the gear icon to
    the right of the client name that you want to create the Media Room and select App Channels
    from the drop-down list.
  1. This will open up the screen with the Media Room Button:
  1. On clicking the Media Room button above, you will be presented with three options
    (again, this depends on the subscription plan):
  1. On clicking on the Branded Domain option, you will be presented with the following input
    screen to add the domain name and request certificate:
  1. That will provide the first set of CNAME records:
  1. Now, you will copy the Name and Value (Target) one by one and paste it to the DNS Manager
    like GoDaddy, CloudFlare and paste these as a new record:
  1. Then click on Refresh on the screen under 5 above, and that will bring a confirmation screen
    of domain validation and next, you request branded domain by clicking on that button:
  1. The next screen will bring up the final CNAME record that again needs to be added as a record
    in the DNS Manage. Also, change the proxy button to DNS only by clicking on that button:
  1. And, the Media Room in this method is published. Note that the time that it takes to go live
    varies depending on the system that is being used. While CloudFare will probably take only
    10 minutes to update the DNS record, systems like GoDaddy may take hours.

Hosted Domain:

  1. On selecting the second option in the screen under 3 above, the following screen will appear
    where a subdomain name and domain name is selected. Note that the domain field is a
    drop-down list containing only one option, which is “”. Select this and
    click on Request Hosted Domain at the bottom of the screen:
  1. That’s it! The Media Room is active:

Brand Integration:

This option is for setting up the Media Room directly on the client’s website

  1. On selecting the third option in the screen under 3 above, the following screen will appear
    (Media Room drop-down) from where you will select the ‘Create Media Room Code.’:
  1. This creates a Media Room code. Click on Copy Integration Code:
  1. Log in to the client website, and create a new page called Media Room in WordPress, paste
    the HTML code and publish:

The next steps are creating articles/press releases on the Media Rooms, which is a separate subject.