How to set up a new client account on Signal Genesys

This guide will teach you the process of creating a client in Signal Genesys and the five pre-requisites for a smooth and efficient setup.


To ensure efficient and accurate input of client information, ensure that the following are in hand prior to commencing the set-up task:

  1. Have all the company information, GMB profile (if available), and the logo;
  2. Admin credentials for the WordPress website;   
  3. Admin credentials for their social media accounts;
  4. Manager access to Google listing, and
  5. DNS admin access.
  1. Log in to Signal Genesys account. (Email for getting access).
  1. Click on the ‘Entities’ button.
  1. This will open up a screen listing out existing clients, and where new client details can be added. Click on the ‘Add Entity’ button to add a new client:
  1. Enter all the information in this screen. Ensure the details are aligned with the client’s GMB profile.
  1. Within the same screen, scroll down and enter links to the client’s social media accounts and also additional information.
  1. Add the company logo and a brief description of the client and click Save at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Here’s an example of a completed form:  

Once the client has been set up, the next process is to set up the Media Room.