How to Build Lighthouse Partners and Why they are Key for Everybody

What does that mean for you in terms of what can you do to use a lighthouse model? 

The point of a lighthouse is there’s someone that is the higher authority and is better known, has a bigger audience, and has more perceived expertise in a particular area because you’re co-creating content together. It confers authority to you.

So their audience respects you because they already respect the person that is a lighthouse.

What is Lighthouse?

A lighthouse is where you can teach by quoting someone that is the higher authority by what they have done, and you interview them.

It’s not because they’re testimonials.

Here’s some advice that I have for you.

It is so powerful that all people are engaging and reaching out because they’ve seen this where we explain how the lighthouse model works dollar a day, one-minute video.

And as living proof, if you look at my calendar today, you’ll see at a call this morning with Tommy mellow- – Tommy mellow is the home services millionaire. 

We are building training according to his audience.

So we’re taking our 90-day challenge, which is for anyone who is a service provider, what not to be able to build their brand. And here it is, week by week, all the different things they have to do in the $500 a month job that’s for the VA.

If you’re talking to clients, a professional, or an expert in some area, you need to have your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all these things. It would help if you built a foundation for the first month and then put the content there.

Then you need to boost and optimize it, generating leads. So this is a 90-day process, which anyone who is a home service person, plumber, roofer, HVAC, whatever. They can go through this. 

And it’s under Tommy’s name, and Tommy’s happy to do this because this attracts more talent to his team as he’s growing across the nation.

We’re also doing 90-day challenges for Justin of iHomes Colorado. So you’re a real estate agent you’re struggling to generate leads. 

Well, here’s the same process. Here are 90 days, and we’re going to, come in and go through these three different phases, and the system will send you notes along the way saying, Hey, congratulations on setting up your website, now make your videos. 


Justin, the figurehead, has already prerecorded these different messages along the way that Infusionsoft will then be able to send. 

So we’ve co-created this training with Justin and me and me and Tommy and whatnot to take something that already is working well and allow these folks to verticalize it for their industry, using their examples.

I think a lighthouse is excellent because I could teach my example, my course for real estate agents, but we have iHomes Colorado, one of the few brokerages that has sold more than 500 homes per year and is built a team with ancillary businesses and other things. 

So we can teach by example. We can teach how we’ve applied a one-minute video a dollar a day, the same thing for Tommy.

We can teach through our example. So even though other people will drive more leads, here’s how you can do these different things. We have a proven model.

Contrast that with what you see on this Z thing where this guy’s trying to sell stuff. There’s no lighthouse behind it. 

There’s no authority – – meaning I need to see proof that you’ve got it done. I need to see someone well-known in the space of mortgage, like Barry Habib, who is the number one guy and is our lighthouse for a mortgage. I need to see that this is being done, and it’s not. There’s zero authority here.

There’s no engagement, zero authority. It’s not said on a high-profile site, and it’s not made together with a significant mortgage association. 

Like none of it’s, there’s no, but the beauty of your lighthouse is that when you’re doing this with people who are well known in that particular industry, showcasing how you delivered that result, then all the other people can go along with this and say, this is credible.

Here’s my example, 

like for a Caleb dollar a day.

This guy is a figurehead in insurance for everyone, like the life insurance people. We’ve got our dollar a day, and we have one-minute videos, personal branding, and an introduction from him.

You do your one-minute videos, and you put a dollar a day; this concept of a dollar a day is arbitrary. It’s like you put a little bit of money behind it.

You look at the numbers, and when one number pops. And you’re like, maybe I can put $5, $10, $20.

You can use all kinds of platforms with this concept of testing and seeing if something pops or does well, putting more money behind it. It’s a powerful concept. 

If I were Nate Zeal, I’d say I’m Nate zeal, and I have the secret method to drive more sales leads than anybody else, but to see if you qualify for my program, you need to fill out this form. And one of our salespeople will try to sell you if you book a 15-minute slot hard.

So let me try to use psychology to get you to buy where you feel like you’re being trapped and being convinced to buy that model versus the model that I’m showing you, which is you never need to sell it all. 

I’m having Tommy mellow and Caleb Williams and these other people sell for me, but they never actually are settling because we’re building their brand and teaching together.

So the lighthouse model allows us to leverage existing audiences to drive warm leads via the authority of the people that are target clients’ respect. 

And so if I’m trying to talk to vacationers who want to go to the grand canyon, I can speak to them directly, but who are the people they respect?

Maybe if I did some stuff with the national park service, if I or other tour operators, if I interview them. Of course, why wouldn’t the tour operator want to be interviewed about the water being too cold, whether I should go rafting, or how much the helicopter ride to the bottom?

Or is it too challenging to try to hike? Of course, these guys are gonna wanna co-create content. 

So the lighthouse model, which is also the inception model, is the dream inside the dream because you’re planting the highest authority content.

It’s exquisite because you’re not trying to reach your consumer or target client.

You’re saying, who do they respect and who are those people appreciate, and let’s create content with those people. Then if we publish it as a course, we post it as a book.

We have the number one best-selling book on social media still on Amazon because they’re spending a dollar a day on Amazon for it, creating massive authority.


So everything around here is about building authority, and the lighthouse model is how you concentrate power. 

Some clients don’t want to be on zoom. They don’t want to talk about their business. It’s fine. You don’t need every single client but the lighthouse. You need one or two. So I think this is something that everybody should do.

Key for Lighthouse Model

I just wanted to show you that I’m a living, breathing example of how we do lighthouses. It doesn’t require that you become famous.

The first reaction I hear from many people when I explain the lighthouse is, well, I don’t have the kind of connections you do.

I don’t have 30 years in the industry. You don’t need 30 years. You need a couple of people you can co-create content with.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to be in business if they haven’t demonstrated that they can deliver the result that they promise. 

If you haven’t, partner with somebody, be an apprentice, get your skill level up, and be an employee at an agency that you like to do the work to get the experience.

So when you’re doing this, you’ll be able to create lighthouses. 

And I think the most potent part of lighthouses is these sorts of meetings.

Like Tommy mellow, Caleb Williams, and Justin Martin. They are our real estate lighthouse, and they have 240 locations. So our lighthouse, Matthew Janu sec, is the CEO of escape fitness. 

But why? I have no credibility, but because I have a lighthouse and don’t want to say a referral partner, I don’t want to tell someone who will say good things for commission. 

Now, this guy, Jared, doesn’t know who I am. Matthew says, Hey, you know, you guys need to chat. He set up the connection with both of us, So I looked at their social media, and I thought, wow, there’s a lot that we could do.

And Jared replied right away, and to prepare for the meeting we had in an hour, I said, so what should we focus on? Let me know. And then he says, I’m bringing my VP of marketing. We have different things we’re doing for our franchises versus corporate.

We want to help corporate, and we’re trying to do more in the United States. he wants to get people on TikTok. He knows GMB, now called Google business profile, so that we can cross-post. So he is already telling us what to do and where the pain point is.

So I said, yeah, I agree. I’m reflecting that I understand what the issue is. I respect Matthew’s trust in me to make this introduction.

This guy’s essential. I asked our guy Daniel to join so we can make it more informative, and we’re going to meet in an hour. Then, an hour later, we met this guy, Zach Reese, who signed up for our branding package.

He just bought a $5,000 personal branding package.

Zach Reese is a roofer in Atlanta’s roofing contractor in the Atlanta colony. 

He’s got pretty decent SEO, so we must connect his personal brand with his company so that there’s ROI on his brand. 

Sometimes people want to own businesses. Maybe you own a tow truck company and don’t want people to know you own a tow truck company because these unhappy people might come after you.

But Why wouldn’t you want people to know that you own a roofing company? 

Or maybe it’s like, I was busy focusing on building the business, and I never really thought about my brand.

And now that I’ve grown and things are working well, it’s time to work on my brand, which I typically hear. But because of our lighthouse strategy, he bought this thing three days ago. I don’t even know who he is. We’re going to talk in an hour and change.

If you have a lighthouse strategy, your stuff doesn’t. Even your landing pages don’t even have to work.

They probably know that I am living proof that I’m building connections. I know how to make industry expertise. 

It’s done for your package. It’s $5,000 in six weeks. We will build your brand and put all your stuff across these channels through the topic wheel.

Get a content factory going for you.

And then it sends to this thing, and they pay $5,000.

One of my friends has been able to connect with Fred blue people.

It’s going to be six stop salespersons from the company. He will be coaching six of them by closing a deal of 10,000 for a coach to coach those six salespeople on the team on how they can leverage the social media efforts.

So it was a big win.

Jorge got an opportunity with Sam Tejada– the CEO of liquid Vita launch. And they have 20 locations. It’s vitamin C IV therapy, Botox, and a lot of light medical– like cryotherapy.

I think it’s excellent, and they also have a partial Hispanic community.

They have been overgrowing. So they want to go to 40 locations in the next couple of years. 

The guy is a retired firefighter. He’s involved in the community. It would be very nice to attend some of these meetings, and They’re paying $20,000 a month.

Social marketing 180, run by south Stefano, is the agency that has done much of its leadership. So, that’s direct to the consumer, which is excellent for each location for locals.

We helped build Sam’s brand so that he could get more franchises. 

But a lot of the things that will help- – get more franchises for people to open a vitamin C clinic because there are a lot of competitors in this space of building the personal brands and stories of the franchises.

The more successful we are in direct-to-consumer and the more we have a process and training around how we do it, the more we can show potential franchise owners, “Hey, this is a great model.”

If you’re already a doctor or want to expand your chiropractic clinic, do functional medicine and open up your franchise. You don’t even know anything about treatment. 

We’ll help you hire these people. All you need is a nurse practitioner to be able to administer the IVs.

And close a deal with the Orlando medical news, a newspaper for Orlando and Florida for doctors. 

They have over 50,000 doctors in their database. It’s a magazine just for doctors. So the guy loved what I was doing. The guy called me, he visited me last week, and I wrote his first article for his magazine.

So going to be launching my email letter, and these people will also be great people to add to that network. So let’s build your brand. All of those things will connect whenever you. That’s a great opportunity. 

To tie it all together, put it into your brand manager document to house all of those.

Dennis Yu

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Dennis Yu
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