Horrible Story of Aaron Gobidas Scamming the Agency

You guys may have heard about Felipe Kadu, the therapist who another agency screwed over. 

It was a horrible story

And the reason why I helped this guy is because my friend Phil Shaun reached out to me and told me he’s had some problems. 

So long story short paid this guy Aaron Gobidas $12,500. And this guy just pocketed the money. And not only did he pocket the money, but he was proud and arrogant about what he did.

So we have all of these videos and notes from what happened using the guy’s own words. I flew into San Diego to meet Aaron, and the guy seems like Gordon Ramsey, who comes into the kitchens like kitchen nightmares and is there to revamp.

Sometimes the restaurant owner doesn’t want to cooperate and wants to fight Gordon Ramsey. This is what happened. So it was all filmed. 


He dared to agree and said; I’ve got nothing to hide. Sure. You can film it.

We recorded the two-and-a-half-hour meeting there. He left two minutes into it. 

We have all his words where he is recorded, the whole meeting where we said, okay, let’s log to the Google analytics and see the results.


Let’s log into the Facebook ads and let’s review what the work is. 

I said I’d be willing to help them for free. I’m eager to help this agency for free turn it around because, in six months, they’ve delivered zero sales for this guy; when COVID happened in California, his business couldn’t even operate for a year because, in California, it wasn’t an essential service.

But then, when things started to open back up, he was doing $2,000 a month in revenue, just off of his referral clients. And he got no additional clients, no additional payment. So the amount he was paying was more than his total revenue.

It bankrupted him.

And I felt so bad for Felipe. I said, Felipe, you need to make things right.

You need to either refund the money or put in the time to do the work correctly so we can do things correctly. And we can have a happily ever after story, and I’ll share it and how good it is. But instead. This guy, all he cared about was selling. And so I asked his team, so who’s in charge here, what’s going on?

And people said, I don’t know, Aaron was the one who sold it, but he sold the deal. And then he goes on to sell the next contract. And so all he cares about is selling. And so none of us really, it’s not like the people on his team were terrible. They just had no idea. There was no project management, there was no operator, and there was no leader. 

There was none of that, so Philippe wrote up the whole story about what happened and even his employees as part of their market research – they got free massages from Philippe, which I thought was just terrible as they didn’t even know what he did.

He does particular kinds of chronic injuries like workplace injuries, massage, couples relaxation, and luxury massage.

This guy’s very specialized and has a lot of experience, over 7,000 massages in this particular type. So then his team member runs a smear campaign, trying to give Philippe some one-star reviews.

And I said, dude, you can’t do that. This is just going to make you look bad as an agency.

It would help if you weren’t doing this. I then interviewed some of his other customers because I searched for Aaron’s name, and I found some of his other customers. I recorded all of these things and put them live.

He was a cheat, thief, and liar. We have the whole interview too. You can listen to the entire thing. 

Horrible Thing a Person/Agency can do

Can you imagine being a digital agency claiming that you are excellent, then you screw over lots of people not delivering the results? Even as an agency, we struggle with delivery because people are often not reliable. They don’t know what they’re doing, we’re understaffed, or there’s confusion.

Running a digital agency is challenging. Right?

So we publish these articles not to shame this guy because he’s a thief and a wrong person, intentionally trying to scam people. 

I even asked him one last thing before I told him the fantastic piece of good news. I said, so, have you ever worked with a massage therapist before?

And he said, no, never. 

Well, how do you even know what is going to? How can you even say that you can do this? And he said, yes, but as long as we try, right? 

I said, yes, but you don’t even know how ads work, how content works. You don’t know what a proper funnel looks like for a massage therapist, and even there are many different types of massage therapists.

So we put these articles out here, and a bunch of agencies reached out because we’re well known among other agencies, and the good news is a couple of these folks said we’re going to rescue Philippe and turn this around. These guys have done fantastic work. It is night and day, and I am so happy.

We’re about to write a whole case study because I’m never going to smash somebody just because they’re wrong.

I’m going to give them many opportunities. So I said, Hey, you should make and they weren’t willing to do it. 

He’s like, Nope, not going to do anything because I’m very happy with the work we’ve done, you didn’t drive any results, you know, no refund didn’t show up to the meetings, you know, none of this kind of stuff.

But anyway, it’s now turned into another agency. These guys are listening and have good communication. More importantly, the results are fantastic; they did it for free. 

Isn’t that awesome? They did it for free for the first two months because they knew once things were working very well, then they could start charging a couple of thousand dollars a month.

This is what we want to see happen. I’m just surprised at how much. Snake oil is being sold in the world of online marketing, and sometimes I see this with other agencies. They have people that are team members who started, and they leave after a few months for whatever reason.

And then it causes all kinds of other problems when people leave. And it’s not that we’re intentionally trying to screw over the client, but we lose the account manager. We lose the VA who is working on that one part. 

I get that, but there’s a difference between taking someone’s money and never having the intention to do the work.

Dennis Yu

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Dennis Yu
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