Hacks for Creating Content

This is an extract from Tom Ferry Podcat Experience with Jason Pantana and me, where we discussed some hacks for creating content.

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Create Video Content and Repurpose

Many find creating content, especially videos, very scary and challenging and don’t know where to start.

Start with a long-form piece of video. And if you’re not good on video, podcast, or whatever, we typically find 30 to 45 minutes is about enough time. Anything more than that, people lose steam. Write up a list of 10 points that you want to talk about.

Have someone interview you. If you’re not good at looking at the camera, have someone you know interview you and the camera off to the side. And then, you run it through a Fiverr or Designrr or one of these other tools, such as auto.ai or frame.io. In the last couple of years, many tools have been used to do this automatically.

But now you’re taking the video, and you’ve chopped it into blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, GMB posts, and every single kind of thing. The key is that you also want to transcribe it and turn it into articles to rank on SEO.

Applying Google’s Universal Search

Google shows something called Universal Search. So when you do a search on pizza, they want pictures of pizza videos, the nearest pizzeria, the history of pizza, news, recipes, that’s all universal.

You’re going to create a mix of things so that if you’re not ranking on the best agent in the city, town, whatever, then you can start to rank on the news, start to rank on video, and start to rank inside YouTube shorts. You take that vertical one-minute snippet of video and upload it onto YouTube vertically. And then in your title, you’ll have whatever the keyword is that you want, and then do hashtag shorts, and that’ll start to rank,

On the universal search, Jasan added, in the long form video, when you put it on YouTube, you should put chapters in it for all the different 10 points you covered, which basically means in the description of the video you put, at one minute and 32 seconds, I talked about this, and then I talked about this, and so on.

You just put it in the description. YouTube will automatically dissect that into clips, and when you do a Google search, it will show suggested clips from a video that’s been chaptered up like that. And that’s another way to rank on those terms.

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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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