Demystifying Google My Business: What It Takes To Rank In The Top and Get Thousands of Local Prospects Interested in Your Business

Hear These Inside Secrets Directly From The Mouth of a Platinum GMB Partner… and Discover:

  • How to drive more traffic through the door
  • What it takes to get yourself in the highly desirable 3-pack
  • How to knockout your competition
  • Why there is a 30% chance you'll get suspended though you didn't do anything wrong
  • How to protect yourself and have a plan to recover from a suspension
  • The best type of content to put on your GMB profile
  • Find out who made malicious edits on your GMB profile
  • All this and so much more!

Watch Here and Get The Edge on Your Competition$7

There are a lot of ways to get people through your doors as a local business, but no method beats Google.

As someone who’s dealing with customers locally, Google should be your number one priority.

Because that’s where anyone goes when they look for products or services in their area.

Hungry? Go to Google.

Want a haircut? Go to Google.

Toothache? Go to Google. 

Restaurants, barbershops, dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, plumbers, mechanic shops, and dozen of other businesses get a portion of their clients through Google, even if they know about it or not. 

Most out of pure luck, because their GMB profiles are not that good.

And you might be in the same situation, with a huge opportunity in front of you, but not enough knowledge to make the most out of it.

That’s not good, is it?

So why not find out how this GMB thing works, and how to squeeze every last bit of potential revenue out of it... 

Because if you’re not currently in the local three-pack, you’re missing out big time! 

The local three-pack is formed of the first 3 businesses that appear when you search for a keyword on Google. 

And any business that makes its way up there is not having issues attracting customers.

But how to get there?

That’s what I want to show you. And also how to make sure you keep staying there.

Competitors can act unprofessionally, and they might try to take you down. There’s a very high chance of this happening and you need to know how to protect your GMB profile.

You also need to know how to follow the guidelines the right way. A lot of businesses don’t do this properly and they get suspended. 

Once that happens, it’s not very easy to get back on track - unless you know what you’re doing.

And that gets us to what I wanted to say...

I recorded a 1-hour video with a Platinum GMB partner, Ben Fisher.

I want to share this recording with you because inside, you’ll find tips, tricks, and general advice on everything I have mentioned so far. 

It’s a must-see for local businesses.

The best part? I’m giving it away for only $7. 

That’s less than a meal at a restaurant, a Netflix subscription, or a pair of jeans. 

You get the point. In short, it’s super affordable and any business owner can easily invest in this recording and get a massive return.

Why not more than $7? Because I didn’t want to make things hard for you, and because I’m not planning on becoming the 2nd Elon Musk. 

$7 is not much, and it doesn’t do justice to the real value of the content. However, I’ve helped business owners (especially local ones) for almost 3 decades.

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve shared thousands of hours of both free and paid content over the years.

So $7 is as good as any other number, and it requires a higher level of commitment than something one receives for free. 

Watch Here and Get The Edge on Your Competition$7