Cheat Sheet: Social Amplification Engine


1 Plumbing

❏ Create your Facebook Ads account using “ Business Manager ”. 4

❏ Create your Google Ads account and tie it to the Google My Client Center (MCC).

❏ Create your Google Analytics account. 6

❏ Create your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account. 7

❏ Publish your GTM container and tags to the website. 31

❏ Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

2 Goals

❏ Define your mission (start with WHY) and identify desired outcomes and customer segments. 108

❏ I dentify your primary goal(s) in the next 90 days. 109

❏ Determine your target Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). 110

❏ Determine your ads budget relative to campaign goals (optimizing for clicks, page likes, form submissions, etc.). 111

❏ Choose 1 key metric for each funnel stage: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion (ACC). 112

❏ Develop your brand by moving through the 6 phases of Personal Branding.

3 Content

❏ Assemble a list of third-party endorsements, especially positive mentions from high-authority sites. 691

❏ Create a 3-minute “ WHY ” video.

❏ Create a 3x3 video grid. 602

❏ Set up Content Library. 207

❏ Map out one minute videos.

❏ Create promotional content to drive conversions. 220

❏ Determine your ONE QUESTION

❏ Gather content by stage of the #ACC funnel, addressing key objections for each persona .

4 Targeting

❏ Import your customers and leads emails into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google as custom audiences.

❏ Build targets on Facebook and Twitter - direct interests, closest competitors, common interests your customers share, industry influencers your customers and competitors follow, and people working in the media.

❏ Create 1% lookalike audience for each major landing page, thank you page, and email list. 326

❏ Amplify a video and create video remarketing audiences.

❏ Create 1-, 30-, and 180-day audiences (Website Custom Audiences) site-wide, for each major landing page and thank you page.

❏ Build Funnel Sequences.

5 Amplification

❏ Boost top 3 to 5 Facebook Posts

❏ Boost optimization: 4 Stages.

❏ Set up remarketing ads for 1-day landing page abandoners on Google Ads and Facebook.

❏ For each unpublished post, use tracking (UTM) parameters in the URL

❏ Create unpublished posts for conversions

6 Optimization

❏ Apply Metrics Decomposition. 507

❏ Compare the current period against last period.

❏ Use Audience Insights, create new saved audiences. 509

❏ Review budget allocation by channel and ad set based on performance (watch for statistical noise).

❏ List 3 to 5 top recommendations to execute in the next 7 days.

❏ Apply Top N to the data set and explain the results in terms of Goals, Content, and Targeting for each level.

❏ Refine lookalike audiences.

❏ Update Success Tracker.