Facebook now allows page admins to comment on reviews

This was sent to us by Kevin Evanetski of SocialYeah.com - Thanks, Kevin!

Facebook recently rolled out the ability for page admins to comment on public reviews.


However, as a page admin, you currently will not be notified when user replies back to you- a feature not yet implemented.


For example: Facebook Page ‘Overstock Outlet’ replied to a user who left a review 6 months ago.  The user will immediately get a notification informing them of the reply, encouraging brand-to-consumer interaction.




For now, only the reviewer gets notified of any response, so page admins will need to be proactive in keeping up with the reviews, making sure to watch closely for anyone with a question / additional feedback,  or if their friends chime in. The activity log currently does not show reviews other than when a page replies in the ALL section.

image (1)

This can help page admins remember that they did leave a comment on a review, but doesn’t display an alert currently. This will likely be patched in the future, providing brands a perfect opportunity to respond to feedback, and address any potential concerns their fans may have.


Readers- Have you seen this new feature? How do you keep up with conversations even when you’re not alerted?

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